10 Best Dessert in Singapore

10 Best Dessert in Singapore

It is always nice for me to enjoy local food when I am visiting another country. When it comes to Singapore, sometimes I try to find out about 10 best dessert in Singapore then try to look for local dessert which become the special menu in this country.

Singapore as a country full of foodies always have that kind of interesting side when it comes to food and beverage. In case you also want to know my best list of dessert that I have ever found in Singapore, here are some of the best desserts that you can find in Singapore.

Apom Berkuah

In the first place, there is apom berkuah which is a traditional snack that you can find in this country. Well, it may sound foreign in your ears. However, as you see the dessert later you will know that it is actually a serve which looks like American pancakes.

This kind of pancake is made of fermented rice flour which is combined with coconut water. Then, it is usually served with banana sauce as side dish. You can find this dessert in the food stall. But, for Apom Berkuah itself, you can find it in Chermin Road.

Pandan Cake

Pandan cake also becomes one of the 10 best dessert in Singapore. This green cake is actually features mostly in travel show that may make you really want to try this food as you actually come to Singapore

This kind of chiffon cake will be perfect to be enjoyed with a cup of hot chocolate or tea. You can find many pandan cake stalls but Pure Pandan and Bengawan Solo can be considered as the best among the other stalls you may find.

Ice Cream Uncles

Another delicious dessert which will make you misses it when you are not in Singapore anymore. You can find so many ice cream uncles all over Singapore.
However, you will more likely to find this ice cream along the Orchard Road,

Mango Pudding

Moreover, there is also mango pudding which is actually a popular dessert in Hong Kong. However, it is also popular in Singapore. It can be your favorite by just tasting it at the first time. Just like a normal pudding you find in another place, it is a pudding made of condensed milk, sugar and also mangos as the main ingredient.

For the best taste of mango pudding, you can come to visit An Chew Dessert in Liang Seah Street and Honeymoon Desserts which you can find in multiple locations scattered around Singapore.

Cheng Tng

It is another one of 10 best dessert in Singapore. It is surely a nice choice for you who want to deal with the heat of Singapore. The ingredient includes winter melon, dried persimmon, sweet potato, barley, white fungus and of course ice cube!


If you find a dessert which comes out like green jelly worm, it means that you find what is called as chendol. This dessert is very popular all around Southeast Asian. For some of the best places to get this dessert, there are Dove Desserts in Kim Keat Palm Market and Penang A1 Chendol which you can find in Tampines Street.

Grass Jelly

Another refreshing drink that you can find in Singapore is grass jelly. This is just like a bowl of jelly which is served with shaved ice. To get the best grass jelly, you can find it in Zhao An Granny Grass Jelly and Wampoa Soya Bean and Grass Jelly.

Green Bean Soup

Then, you can also have green bean soup as another 10 best dessert in Singapore. You can find the best green bean soap in Xi Le Ting Chen Tng (
#02-70 Commonwealth Crescent Market, Blk 119 Commonwealth Crescent, 140119).

Ice Kachang

Ice kachang is another best dessert that many people in Singapore love it. You can find this menu in various locations around Singapore, but Jin Jin Hot and Annie’s Peanut Ice Kachang can be your best choice.

Durian Pengat

The last, you can also taste durian pengat which is another dessert that I really love too. If you love durian, you will find this dessert a perfect treat for your craving.

Those are the 10 best dessert in Singapore. If you come to visit this country, don’t forget to try one of those desserts above. That’s all!