10 Foods To Meet Calcium Needs If You Do not Like Milk

10 Foods To Meet Calcium Needs If You Do not Like Milk

Milk is a nutrient-rich drink. In a glass of milk contain high levels of vitamin D, protein, and fat. Milk also contains daily calcium requirements. So naturally if milk is called as one of the most important source of nutrition for the body.

But the problem is not a few people who do not like to drink milk or have a milk allergy. In fact, the need for calcium must be sufficient, so as not to lose bone-forming agents, blood circulation, muscle relaxant, and one of the prevention of heart disease.

But not to worry, there are some foods that contain calcium and vitamin D that can be used as a substitute for milk, what is it?

1. Nuts

Nuts are the best source of calcium and iron for the body. In addition, nuts also contain high enough protein. So do not hesitate to include any kind of nuts into the food to meet your daily calcium needs.

2. Fish

Fish like sardines and salmon contain excellent calcium. In addition to rich in protein, some types of fish are also rich in calcium that the body needs for bone development. For the processing can be done by baking which is added with vegetables or salad.

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3. Almonds

In 100 grams of almonds there are about 264 mg of calcium which is useful to maintain bone density. In addition to calcium, almonds also contain essential fats that are good for heart health and blood vessels. To add taste, almonds can also be made into milk. One glass of almond milk every day is very nutritious for the body.

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4. Oatmeal

Not only contains complex carbohydrates and fiber that can make the stomach full longer, apparently oatmeal mixed with water also contains calcium in it. Although the quantity of calcium is not high, but oatmeal could be an option to meet the body's calcium dose.

5. Orange

Orange is the favorite fruit of all people, besides the source of vitamin C, oranges also contain calcium. In order not to lose calcium in large quantities, preferably intake of oranges in a state intact. Fresh orange slices will help keep your immune system healthy and form a good bone.

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6. Soy milk

Soy milk can be a good choice for those who have lactose intolerance. Soy milk contains more protein and calcium than a glass of regular milk. Even soy milk can be put into cereal or made into yoghurt.

7. Green leafy vegetables

Dark green vegetables, like spinach, give more than 100 mg of calcium per serving. Green leafy vegetables are suspected to increase calcium needed by the body.

8. Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are not only good as sprinkles on top of the food but these small white seeds are also good for lowering high blood pressure, reducing inflammation, and even can fight some cancers. Even sesame seeds get predicate as a high calcium food.

9. Vitamin D

Without enough vitamin D in the body, calcium fails to function. Therefore, get the proper vitamin D from food and sunlight to maintain sufficient levels in the body.

10. Bok choy

Bok choy or mustard greens are a wise choice. Sawi, especially the type of bok choy or chinese mustard is an alternative source of calcium that you can consume. In a small bowl of bok choy, you can get about 74 mg of calcium. Aside from being a high calcium diet, a bowl of bok choy is also a great source for getting vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium.

Some people who have lactose intolerance can not digest milk or other dairy products from dairy ingredients. However, for those who have lactose intolerance but want to meet the needs of calcium, can get it from other high calcium food sources as above