First Singapore Michelin Guide Award, Who Is the Winner?

First Singapore Michelin Guide Award, Who Is the Winner?

The first Singapore Michelin Guide Award has been done. For you who do not come to see the award ceremony, you may wonder who the winners of this award are. Among many restaurants who participate in this award, there are 29 restaurants and hawkers which succeed to get one, two and three stars from Michelin.

The winning announcement of this first Michelin Guide in Singapore was merrymaking. There are many guests coming and all of the guests can enjoy various menus provided by restaurants which were nominated in this first Michelin Guide. Located in the ballroom of Resorts World Sentosa, all the guests seem to be enjoyed to have dinner in this event.

This event is also visited by the Vice President of Asian Pacific Michelin, Chan Hock Sen. In this occasion, Chan said about how Michelin has become one of the professionals in accommodating customers any information about best places to eat around their area.

Moreover, this first Singapore Michelin Guide Award has made Singapore as the first country in South East Asia to have Michelin. In this event, numerous restaurants and food store in Singapore has been selected by using strict method. According to Chan, quality becomes one of the most important thing in this award assessment.

Next, Michael Ellis who is the International Director of Michelin Guides also share a story about this event. It is more than 100 years that Michelin accommodates customers’ need on recommended places to eat. Then, through these years, inspectors from Michelin have tasted hundred menus in restaurants.

Ellis also showed his excitement of doing all of these projects because it is very amazing and also interesting for him. As one of the parts of this first Singapore Michelin Guide Award, Lionel Yeo who is a chief executive Singapore Tourism Board also shows his gratitude and proud toward this event.

Singapore as the first country in South East Asia which holds Michelin Guide actually makes a good vibe for all of them who work in culinary world. In this event, Yeo also said that Singapore is world of foodies. Singapore citizen and also international tourist who come to Singapore are those who love to taste various foods.

They love to try any kind of foods in any price range. From foods that cost them $5 to $500, they are willing to pay for the food. Yeo also promised to continue this good vibe in Singapore. Based on his observation to this event, he said that the future of Singapore culinary field looks great and it make him happy.

The selection process of this first Singapore Michelin Guide Award involves around 140 restaurants and street foods. All of these restaurants and street foods offer 35 different food categories. As a result of this selection process, there are 29 restaurants and street foods which finally got one, two and three stars from this Michelin Award.

Those who got stars from Michelin are restaurants and street food stores which fulfill the five major criteria of Michelin Guide. Then, what are the criteria that are searched by Michelin Guide on those food providers?

Those criteria include product quality, cooking technique and also the taste of the foods. When it comes to the taste, in this first Singapore Michelin Guide Award, the inspectors look for special taste from the serving. In addition, there are two other criteria: value of money and chef personality which is reflected on the foods.

Then, Joel Robuchon is selected as the restaurant that gets three stars in this first edition of Michelin Guide in Singapore. Actually, this restaurant which is served contemporary French cuisine also gets many stars from Michelin in its world’s subsidiary. It includes Joel Robuchon which is located in Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris and Macau.

Afterwards, for the star two restaurants, Michelin selects six restaurants in this category. There are Andre, Les Amis, Shishen Anten and L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon and Odette. Then for those who get one star from Michelin include Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle and 21 more restaurants.

The last, what do you think? Would you like to try one of those restaurants that have got stars from the first Singapore Michelin Guide Award? Yes, of course. So, don’t forget to visit those restaurants when you are in Singapore. See you next time!