5 Best Food and Drinks for a Healthy Liver

5 Best Food and Drinks for a Healthy Liver

The liver performs a variety of important tasks for the body from producing protein, cholesterol, and bile to storing vitamins, minerals and even carbohydrates. The organ also breaks down toxins such as alcohol, drugs and natural byproducts of metabolism. therefore, keeping the liver or liver in good condition is essential for maintaining health.

Here are a series of foods and beverages that have a positive impact on the health of a person's heart. Anything?

1. Olive oil 

Olive oil is considered a healthy fat because of its many health benefits, including positive effects on the heart and metabolic health. However, it turns out he also has a positive effect on the liver.

A study found that consuming one teaspoon (6.5 ml) of olive oil per day may increase liver enzymes. Olive oil also increases protein levels associated with positive metabolic effects. The participants also had a little accumulation of fat and blood flow better in the liver.

Several other new studies have found similar effects of olive oil consumption in humans, including reduced accumulation of fat in the liver, increased insulin sensitivity and elevated liver enzyme levels. Here is some place to enjoy olive oil in Singapore :

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2. Bits

Bits are a source of nitrates and antioxidants called betalains. This content is beneficial for heart health and reduces oxidative damage and inflammation.

Several studies that have been tested in mice have shown beetroot juice proven to reduce oxidative damage and swelling in the liver, as well as enhance natural detoxification enzymes.

3. Grapes

Grapes, especially red and purple grapes, contain a variety of beneficial compounds. The most famous is resveratrol, which has a number of health benefits. Many studies in animals show that wine or grape juice can be beneficial to the liver.

Studies have found that grapes have many benefits, ranging from lowering inflammation, preventing damage, to increasing levels of antioxidants. A small study also showed the consumption of grape seed extract for three months to improve liver function. Here is some place to enjoy grape in Singapore :

Honey Grapefruit (S$8.90) by dal.komm COFFEE (The Centrepoint)

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4. Coffee 

Studies show that drinking coffee protects the liver from disease, even in those who already have problems with this organ. For example, studies have repeatedly found that drinking coffee lowers the risk of cirrhosis, or permanent liver damage, in people with chronic liver disease.

Drinking coffee can also reduce the risk of developing common types of liver cancer, and have a positive effect on liver disease and swelling. Here is some place to enjoy coffee in Singapore :

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5. Green Tea

One large study in Japan reported finding 5-10 cups of green tea a day was associated with improved liver health. A smaller study of non-alcoholic fatty liver (NAFLD) patients found that drinking high-fat antioxidant tea for 12 weeks increased liver enzyme levels and could also reduce oxidative stress and fatty deposits in the liver.

Furthermore, other studies found people who drank green tea tended to have a small risk of developing liver cancer. The lowest risk is seen in people who drink four or more cups of green tea per day. Here is some place to enjoy green tea in Singapore :

Green Tea Bingsu (S$13.90) by Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe (Orchard Central)

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