5 The Best Favorite Food That Will Never Make You Fat!

5 The Best Favorite Food That Will Never Make You Fat!

All foods do contain calories. Even foods that fall into the healthiest category, such as fruits also contain substances that can raise the weight. But sad we can eat a lot because almost everyone in this world dreams of eating a lot, but not fat.

This fact often prevents most people from eating their favourite foods in large portions. In addition to the fear of gaining weight, some foods can also trigger dangerous diseases. Fortunately, there is still a type of low-calorie foods and you can consume as much.

Now we love to summarize some of them!


Are you on a diet? If so, then this fruit becomes one of the recommendations, no matter how many apples you eat, you will never get fat. Not only that, the apples also have a lot of benefits, an example is Apples are fruits that have a good sugar content for our body.

that's why if we eat apples on a regular basis will be able to reduce the risk of diabetes type 2 diabetes. And apples are also good for diabetics for being able to treat diabetes.

Pop Corn

Talking about Popcorn, this food is one of the usual foods for most people's consumption while watching a movie or just want to eat a snack. In fact, these foods are naturally processed and provide many benefits to your health. In addition, this food is one of the foods rich in fibre such as vitamin E, and vitamin B complex.

While the minerals contained in these foods include manganese and magnesium. Popcorn can be made as an alternative snack that is more healthy and filling. In addition, these foods have fibre content that will help you wring more full longer and able to inhibit the release of hunger hormones. This will prevent excessive eating.

Salad (Vegetable Salad)

Vegetable salad is a kind of salad made from several types of fresh vegetables and then mix them into one. This is so that the natural content contained in some types of vegetables that you can directly consume. you don't have to cook the vegetable first. You can also add other ingredients such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and other ingredients.

Vegetable salads are often combined with several types of fruit. The goal is to get a complete nutritional content. Some health experts strongly recommend consuming this salad every day, especially for those of you who have a lot of cholesterol and excess weight. Consumption of vegetable salad should also be balanced, especially in managing your diet.


Figs or also known as tin is a type of fruit that comes from West Asia. Apparently, this fruit is still a relative with a banyan tree. Figs have a smooth skin texture, crispy seeds, and chewy meat. What's the benefit of figs? One of them is to control your weight!

Figs are very rich in fibre. This fruit is the most appropriate choice for you who want to lose weight. A high-fibre diet can help to slow digestion and relieve hunger. On the other side, Figs are also good for diabetics, Figs has anti-diabetic properties that can help you lower your blood sugar levels. The fig leaf extract is also good to eat on an empty stomach in the morning.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter on whole wheat bread is a delicious and healthy snack. Peanut butter is also considered one of the best foods to lose weight at night. That's because peanut butter is a good source of vegetable protein to build a healthy weight and best for those whoever love to eat at night.

Peanut butter is rich in protein and potassium which helps lower the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease. Nuts also contain fibre that is good for intestinal health, magnesium to strengthen bones and muscles, as well as vitamin E and antioxidants.

Who does not want to have the ideal weight and body shape? Both men and women have weight and body shape remain ideal all the time. Especially for women, usually, they will desperately keep the weight and body shape to support the appearance. Usually, women will become sensitive when touched on their weight. There are even some women who experience excessive stress due to their excessive weight.

Both men and women are willing to spend millions of dollars and do extra strict diet and extra sports to get the ideal body weight quickly. Some of them that do an instant way by doing liposuction and surgery. Though the instant way they do not necessarily effective. It can not be denied again, that the ideal shape and weight are of great importance to humans. So if you do not want to worry, the food above will help you to eat a lot but still have an ideal body!