A cute robot services your delicious ice cream? Isn’t it amazing?

A cute robot services your delicious ice cream? Isn’t it amazing?
A cute robot services your delicious ice cream? Isn’t it amazing?

Some people might not think about what is happening in some certain regions in different part of the world while some others are developing with the use of technology. This only happens in some developed countries where the role of technology has penetrated in all aspects and it takes a part in completing many tasks. Shifting the role of human in doing the activities, the cute robot service seems to be a big consideration to think about.

In dealing with what has been elaborated above, Japan, widely know with its rapid development in term of the optimization use of the technology has successfully produced the cute robot service to help the human being in doing the daily activities.

One of the implementations of this cute robot service is to sell the delicious ice cream under the sunny day. Due to its cute complexion, no wonder that many people come to buy the ice cream. This undoubtedly helps you to gain more income as the use of human robot in trading is quite unique and many small home businesses have not implemented the role of robot in such activities.

In Japan, it is no longer questionable that the role of robot can do the entire human’s tasks from delivering the sushi to giving the recommendation toward the very best hair-do to the people. Thus, you are not supposed to be surprised enough when you encounter the cute robot service that keeps the stall selling the ice cream. As people take the advantages of the cute robot in their daily activities, it indirectly reduces the use of human effort in completing the tasks so that no wonder if you will find a small number of employees in some big producing companies.

As posted in tweeter he shows the video of the cute robot service that serves the customers an ice cream with the help of robot. This unexpectedly becomes viral in the world. He took the video of cute robot when he dropped by at the stall and bought the ice cream. When this video is uploaded in You Tube, it is surprising enough that it gains around more than 6,000 tweets and 100,000 likes. Isn’t it amazing?

The implementation of the technology of cute robot service is similar to the vending machine. The difference lies in the role of the robot in this stall is prepared to serve the customers with the cone ice cream. As the implementation of technology in this digital era, Japan is now trying to develop the technology and making attempt to create the incredible break-through for the better quality life.

When you want to buy the ice cream, you, who will be served by the cute robot service will come to the machine that look like the human being. If you really want to get the ice cream, you are required to insert the money around 100 yen. Then, you will be displayed with the pictures of ice cream on the screen so that you can choose the taste as what you want. As you have completed these steps, the cute robot service will take the cone and fill it with the ice cream that you have ordered. After that, the robot will put the ice cream in the transparent box that will be opened by the robot, so you will take it. 

What you need to know about the cute robot service that the robot is named by Yaswaka-kun which is made by Yaskawa. In this regard, Yaswaka is the machine industry specialized in robotics. Before this robot is used to help the people serve the ice cream, this used to be displayed in the Future Exhibition located in the central Yaskawa in Fukuoaka.

Apart from the role of cute robot service, it is said that this is not the first time for the Yaskawa to produce the robot, but this company once ever produced another breath-taking robot designed like the Samurai with the long sword. Such invention leads this company to keep on with another invention as well, so that it is predicted that in short period of time, there will be another robot for people to help the tasks. So, are you quite curious with the cute robot service? Just come to Japan and meet the robot.