A Row of Healthy Foods That You Should Eat Every Day!

A Row of Healthy Foods That You Should Eat Every Day!

Diet, do sport in Gym, and stay away from a smoker is a healthy way to make your body keep in a good condition, but is that enough? The answer is no, a healthy lifestyle not just doing this or that, but maintain to eat a healthy food is the best way includes do some works out every day when you have a time either when morning or night after you do some work hard at work.

Choose foods with minimal unhealthy fat content. Unhealthy fats include trans fats and saturated fats. This type of fat will increase LDL cholesterol, and elevated LDL cholesterol (Low-density lipoprotein Cholesterol is a "bad" cholesterol in which LDL cholesterol accumulates on the arterial walls) is usually associated with an increased risk of heart attacks.

Eat fruits and vegetables to get high vitamins and minerals. Try to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, not in canned containers that usually contain sugar or extra salt. So what is the best food for our health?

Leafly Green (Vegetable)

The content of natural nutrients in green vegetables is very much. Besides rich in vitamins A and C, green vegetables also contain various mineral elements such as chalk, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. Dark green vegetables are the best source of carotenoids (plant pigments in plants) and are important for combating free radicals.

Chlorophyll (green leaf substance) in green vegetables is a pigment of plants that are green in colour and contained in plant cell chloroplasts. Chlorophyll has a chemical structure that is almost similar to haemoglobin (red blood cells). So according to research experts nutrition, chlorophyll can be used to stimulate the formation of red blood cells in patients with anaemia.

Usually, in vegetables, you will find a lot of leafly green vegetable contain antioxidants and the benefits of antioxidants are the content of antioxidants and natural fibre in green vegetables will maintain health and smooth the digestive tract. This will facilitate the remnants of a useless metabolism out of the body so that no time to settle and cause of disease.

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Nuts & Bean

Nuts & Beans, so many people thought and consider that nuts and beans as an ordinary food or some of people’s also thought this kind of food is a bad food because it can cause excess gas in the digestive tract. But this is no reason to stay away from nuts or beans. The reason, there are various healthy benefits that can be obtained from nuts.

Experts recommend that you consume three cups of nuts per week, because of the benefits to your health. The more often you eat it, the less likely you are to experience digestive disorders. Nuts and beans also have a great benefits for our body. The content of fibre and vitamins is very good to support our healthiness.

In addition, to helping to lose weight, nuts and beans are good for heart health, because it can significantly reduce bad cholesterol levels in our body.

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Eggs are one source of good protein for our body. not just because an eggs was good for our body, Eggs usually have a cheap price and also good for the end of the month, (just kidding). Eggs have become an important food ingredient that is needed daily. Many processed foods use eggs. Eggs can also be processed with a variety of techniques, such as fried and boiled. There are various ways to enjoy the egg dish. No wonder, many people love eggs and can eat lots of eggs in a week.

Besides being a source of protein, eggs also have many nutrients needed by the body. One egg contains vitamin A, folic acid, vitamin B5, vitamin B12, vitamin B2, phosphorus, selenium, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin B6, calcium, and zinc. Because of the nutrient content that many eggs have, eggs have many benefits for the health of our bodies.

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Avocado, oh avocado, who doesn’t like this fruit? A greeny yummy fruit with tons of benefit. The content of avocados that have so far been known are potassium, lutein, and folate. Various vitamins such as vitamin B, C, E and others are also found in the fruit that is used as a drink this juice. Another plus is the low sugar content, but rich in fibre. Although this fruit is high in fat, but still safe when consumed in moderation because the fat it contains is good fats, namely monounsaturated fats.

Routine consumption of this fruit every day with the right portion will keep our bodies fresh even after working all day. We will look more fit and often consume avocado will make the body free from various diseases. other facts, although avocados contain enough fat, this does not make us fat. Here are the amazing benefits of a regular avocado consumption, Reduce the risk of cancer, Good for osteoarthritis, Useful to prevent osteoporosis, Lowering bad cholesterol, Good for maintaining weight and heart health, Good for fetal health, Good for your eyes,

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Yoghurt includes a high source of food probiotics, good bacteria that help digestion. However, did you know that there are still many other benefits of yoghurt for health. Yoghurt also contains an animal protein, which is about 1.5 grams of protein per ounce of yoghurt. In addition, there are also many vitamins and minerals that are known to exist in milk, such as calcium, vitamin B2, B12, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium.

Protein is an essential mineral that is needed and used in performing various body functions. That's why protein will decrease various kinds of disorders, such as difficulty thinking clearly, hair, skin, and brittle nails; to lose muscle mass. Protein also plays a role to help stabilize blood pressure. Not only that, yoghurt is also one of the good drinks to overcome digestive disorders digestive disorders, and also suitable for diet because yoghurt is believed to be able to withstand hunger.

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To find the food above it will not gonna a big problem since all the foods above always easy to find. Tell your friends, and your families to eat a healthy food before late. Love is share and care!