Affordable Restaurants in Singapore with Affordable Rates

Affordable Restaurants in Singapore with Affordable Rates
Affordable Restaurants in Singapore with Affordable Rates
Affordable Restaurants in Singapore with Affordable Rates
Affordable Restaurants in Singapore with Affordable Rates
Affordable Restaurants in Singapore with Affordable Rates

We need to know where to eat in Singapore as we plan to go there. When you are in Singapore, we need to find a guide so we can get the most from the tour. Indeed, this country is a small one. However, we do need to make our tour satisfying. We might end up wasting our time roaming the city center and go window shopping if we do not know the best place to eat. Singapore is an awesome destination for the foods, modernity, shopping center, and city tour. Even only for the foods, we will get many recommended places to visit.

Singapore is an awesome country with non-stop entertainment and culinary tour. Yet, we have to admit that this place is an expensive place. Many places offer first class services. However, the rates are unbelievably high. But Singapore is a destination for every traveler. So, you need to only get informed about affordable places to visit. There are actually many restaurants and food centers with cheap rate.

Where to Eat in Singapore?

1. Satay Bee Hoon

The area is basically a traditional market. Yet, tourists can go to the food court that serves Singaporean foods with terrific quality. One of the best dish offered in this food court is Satay Bee Hoon. The food gets the influence from China and Malay. That is so much unique and classic. Singapore is a country with Indian, Chinese, and Malay ethnicity that eventually acculturate really beautifully. We can find some of the signs through architecture and foods. In Satay Bee Hoon we will find a strong combination of culinary richness with Chinese and Malay culture. We can order Bihun, pork, kinds of seafood, and vegetables with satay sauce in this place. The good news is that the rate ranges from $3-5. The food center is at 02-112, Chinatown Complex food court, 335 Smith Street.

2. Maxwell Food Centre

Do you want to taste the famous Hainan rice? It is soft rice with steamed chicken that is melting in our mouth. The dish is served with a special chili sauce and a bowl of a chicken broth. The flavor is just perfect. That is why people will stand in line just to order the meal. People need to know the right time to come so it will not force them to wait too long. Yet, the delicious Hainan rice will worth the patience that we need to use to wait for the dish. The 10, Maxwell Food Centre, 1 Kadayanallur Street

3. Koki Muslim

This food stall serves the best Chapati in Singapore. Chapati is a whole wheat bread with Indian style. The warm chapati is fresh from the pan. The rate is only S$0.80. We can choose the curry because that is affordable yet delicious. We can go to 168 Serangoon Road for that excellent chapati.

4. Andhra Curry

Andhra Curry is the most famous food stall in Little India area. This place is standout due to the bright painting on the exterior. The special menus are vegetarian foods from South India. Tourists need to try Hyderabadi biryani, Mysore Mutton, and Spicy fish pulusu when visiting this place. Though it is located in Singapore, the menus have strong Indian flavor which is irresistible. And it is good that the foods are affordable. The restaurant is located at 41 Kerbau Road, +65 6293 3935.

5. Katong Laksa

This food stall is the best bet for Chinese-Malay menus. The ingredients are Chinese signature dish. Meanwhile, the cooking technique has the Malayan’s style. This restaurant has the best Laksa in Singapore. As tourists ask where to eat in Singapore, this small restaurant is a must visit. In this place, tourists can also find Indonesia and Malaysia foods such as otak-otak and Nasi Lemak. Located at 51 East Coast Road, this place is near the Grand Mercure Hotel. It is easy to reach and affordable as well.

Where to eat in Singapore? Have you decided it yet? Simply include all of the recommended places in your itinerary and have a great tour in Singapore.