Best Place to Enjoy Halal Food in Changi Airport Singapore

Best Place to Enjoy Halal Food in Changi Airport Singapore

Who says that it is difficult to find halal food in Changi Airport Singapore? It is actually a simple thing to find especially if you have known some recommended places to visit when you are in this airport. You can actually find Chinese food, Indian food or even Western food which has halal certificate. 

So, don’t you worry to get confused when you are around this airport because I will recommend you several best places you can visit when you want to enjoy halal food around this airport. 

RV Café
In the first place, you can also visit RV Café which is located around the gate one. You will be able to locate this café in the first floor. This café offers various fast food options which are halal for you to have. Here, you can get sandwich, creamy pasta, steak and also burger which is friendly to Muslim who need to eat halal meals. 
More interestingly, you can also treat your craving on food when you are in the airport by having fresh pizza which is available every day. So, what are you waiting for? You should try this café when you are craving for halal food in Changi Airport.

Kaffe & Toast
Then, there is Kaffe & Toast which you can find at gate one and two. This café offers special meals from Singapore that will be great to be enjoyed when you need a quick treat for your hungry tummy.

In this food store, you will be able to find a lot of special Singapore meals such as nasi lemak, laksa and also chicken curry. Moreover, this food store which has got halal certificate also offers various kinds of coffee and also toast which will make you want to come again to this place to enjoy its crunchy and sweet taste. 

Kopitiam Staff Canteen
If you are searching for halal food in Changi Airport, you can also have Kopitiam Staff Canteen a visit. This is the best place for you to have a taste of chicken rice and special porridge which are delicious. You can also have mee hokkian when you are visiting this canteen.

What is interesting about this place is that you can have halal food with low price but delicious taste. You can find this canteen in the 3M floor at gate two.

1983 Café Nanyang
When you pass gate two of Changi Airport in the second floor, you will find this café which offers you halal meals. In this café you will be able to enjoy various local cuisines from Singapore that is friendly for Muslim.

In this place where you can get halal food in Changi Airport, you will be able to have noodles, asam laksa Penang which is served with lontong, a kind of rice cake that you can enjoy as side dish.

Central Thai
Moreover, if you love to have a halal Thai cuisine, you must not miss this place. You can find this restaurant in the public area of gate two. I strongly recommend you to have pad Thai here because it is very special for you who love Thai cuisine.

And then, you can also have other menus such as sauté black paper beef and steamed seafood which is served in spicy taste. 

For you who are interested to try special cuisine from South Africa which is halal for Muslim, you must visit Nando’s in the public area of terminal two. You can try the favorite chicken dish in this restaurant or other menus such as burger, wrapped chicken meat and more. So, if you want halal food in Changi Airport, don’t forget to visit this restaurant.

Curry Times
Just like the name suggests, you will be able to find a lot of curry menus when you come to this place. You can locate this place as you pass the basement area of gate three. I recommend you to try its chicken curry because it is not worth to ignore. 

Those are several best places that you can visit when you are looking for halal food in Changi Airport. Actually, there are some other great places that you can take into account, but those seven places are highly recommended. Finally, have a good meal!