Breakfast Menu to Try in Singapore

Breakfast Menu to Try in Singapore

If you think that finding breakfast menu in Singapore is something hard, you must think about it again. It is definitely easy to find a breakfast menu you like in Singapore. There are many menus that you can find in a lot of restaurants that are available in Singapore. However, which one is the most favorite one?

Well, it is no secret that you may get interested to try the most favorite breakfast menu that is available in Singapore. For your information, Singapore offers huge variety of breakfast menu from the traditional one into the modern one. Here are some of the most recommended places to find most favorite breakfast meal in Singapore.

First: Kaya Toast

If you want to try traditional breakfast menu in Singapore, you should try this one. This kind of toast is a favorite food for all age in Singapore. It is served as toast with srikaya jam which is served alongside with eggs and a glass of coffee.

Then, if you like to have this toast, there is one recommended place that you can visit. Here, I recommend Heap Seng Leong Coffee shop for you who would like to have kaya toast in Singapore. It is because this shop still maintains the tradition of this breakfast menu.

When you come to this shop which is located in the North Bridge Road number 10, you can find gu you coffee as well which is a coffee served with butter. There are many other menus that you will love as well in the shop.

Ultimate Kaya Toast (S$6.50) by Pasta J

Our food is about simply presented wholesome, really flavourful food in a slightly quirky, not too hip, family friendly environment. Put another way, our approach to food is that of a parent cooking with heart, familiar flavours and generous portions but also with the same down-to-earth approach to presentation, in an almost hip environment your parents would feel comfortable in.…

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205 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574345
Marymount MRT
Monday - Friday : 12:00pm - 12:00am
Saturday : 10:30am - 12:00am
Sunday : 10:30am - 11:00pm
+65 9004 1800
S$20 - S$40 per pax
Breakup Steak (250g) (S$42.90), Caramel Carnivore (S$16.90), Ultimate Kaya Toast (S$6.50)

Second: Appam

Another breakfast menu in Singapore that you must try is appam. Appam is a kind of pancake which is originally from South India. It is made of fermented rice which is combined with coconut milk. This menu is favorite for both breakfast and night snack in Singapore.

If appam in its original place is served with kerala, appam that you find in Singapore is served with grated coconut meat. One of the best places to enjoy this breakfast menu is Heaven’s Indian Curry. I recommend you to try Princess Appam which becomes the original combination made by the shop. It offers you delicious appam with crunchy taste.

In addition to appam, there is another favorite breakfast menu in Singapore which is offered by Heaven’s Indian Curry. It is Putu Mayam which is another type of classic cake in Singapore which you can enjoy as soon as you buy it.

Appam Set (S$4.80) by Madras New Woodland Restaurant

14 Upper Dickson Road, Singapore 207474
Little India MRT
Daily : 07:30am - 11:30pm
+65 6297 1594
S$5 - S$15 per pax
Appam Set (S$4.80)

Third: Mee Soto

If you have ever tried soto in Indonesia, you will be familiar with mee soto which is served in Singapore. This breakfast menu consists of noodle and chicken stock which is completed with other ingredients such as chicken meat, red onion, bean sprout and coriander.

This breakfast menu is usually served with potatoes croquette. If you are wondering which the best place to have this menu is you can visit Warong Pak Sapari Mee Soto & Mee Rebus at Adam Road number two. This food shop is popular for its big portion as well as its flavorful stock. More importantly, it can be your best breakfast menu in Singapore as well.

Moreover, you will find tasty sambal or chili sauce as an addition for the flavorful stock you have. You can visit this restaurant between 08.00 am until 10.00 pm. For your information, this is favorite place that will make you want to come back again.

Chicken Drumstick Mee Soto (S$5.00) by Rahim Muslim Food


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721 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 #01-04 Fu Chan Coffee Shop, Singapore 560721
Ang Mo Kio MRT
Monday - Saturday : 12:15pm - 08:00pm
Sunday : Closed
+65 9786 7362
S$5 - S$10 per pax
Chicken Drumstick Mee Soto (S$5.00), Power Mee Rebus (S$3.80)

Mee Soto (S$3.50) by Kampong Glam Cafe


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17 Bussorah Street ., Singapore 199438
Bugis MRT
Daily : 08:00am - 02:00am
+65 6294 1697
S$5 - S$10 per pax
Gado Gado (S$3.00), Mee Soto (S$3.50)

Fourth: Hainan Pork Porridge

Porridge is another favorite breakfast menu that you can find in Singapore. You must know that it is easy for you to have a bowl of porridge in the morning. More importantly, it is also a good menu which is able to warm your body.

When it comes to pork porridge in Singapore, Soon Lee Porridge is one of the most recommended places that you can visit. Here, you may have hot porridge which is served traditionally in the morning. For you who love pork, it will be a good meal in the morning because it comes with much pork meat as well.

Pork Porridge (S$2.50) by Johor Road Boon Kee Pork Porridge

638 Veerasamy Road Stall 6 Yi He Eating House, Singapore 200638
Jalan Besar MRT
Monday : Closed
Tuesday - Sunday : 06:45am - 03:00pm
+65 6296 9100
S$5 - S$10 per pax
Pork Porridge (S$2.50)

Well, those are some breakfast menu in Singapore that you can try when you are in Singapore. Don’t forget to try one of those menus and Happy eating!