Club Street Social Serve Western Food In Singapore

Club Street Social Serve Western Food In Singapore

In Singapore, you can find many type of foods like Chinese food. Indian food, and Malay food. but the food is very familiar, sometimes boring, but it’s not bad as you think. Sometime you just need to travel deeper in Singapore. And if you travel around the Outram, there is in a corner street called Gemmil Lane, you can visit that place and there is a good Café (looks like a Resto & Bar) called Club Street Social Across the Le Spa Massage. Open in January 2012, Club Street Social (this cafe is technically not on Club Street) have provided the perfect all-day venue for weekday and weekends, the name of the bar looks unique, when you come, you will see the name of the place is written in the stone at the entrance.

The place is quite good for meet up with your client or just for hanging out with your friend. At this place you can spending your time to chit chat. This place is quite popular, especially in break time (12pm-2pm) you will see this place quite crowd, because most of people will spent their time to have lunch and wasting their time to take a rest and talk about their work. Club Street Social have serves a lot of food and drink, the basic food came from "West". Not an expensive food but still affordable and worthy!. The top of it, the atmosphere is quite great when the evening out in town.

On the evening, you can perfectly spend your time with you girlfriend or boyfriend here. The Café will play the music, start from Jazz, Pop, or sometime Rock! Quite nice to spend time together and enjoying some romantic moment here. Beside the place is good, how about the food? Carrying the theme of western food, Club Street Social have a lot of variety food,

Food Menu & Beverages at Club Street Social

You can enjoy your "Western" food, from $14 you can enjoy Truffled Egg Toast or Scrambled Egg for $12! The Truffled Egg Toast taste, the bread is crispy, and the melted egg in the middle it will make your mouth want it again and again. And the Scrambled Egg, its not the same with the ordinary Scrambled Egg, the egg is half cooked with wheat bread on it side with Fotina which is creamy and very well prepared.

Prosciutto Panini for $16, different with the standard of the original Prosciutto Panini, We can say this food is quite nice. Very simple but very good With the beef, tomato, truffle mayonaise covered with wheat bread grilled, you can consider the Prosciutto Panini was equally outstanding.
Scallops it is not just restaurant treat when they’re so underestimating to cook this food. With a few tricks up sleeve (perfectly dry scallops, hot oil, simple seasoning), you can enjoy them impressively, and Club Street Social serves this just perfect for $14.

The Minted Lamb Meatballs with Linguini is one of the extraordinary and overwhelming food in this Cafe, especially the meatball is seasoned with a special tomato sauce, the sauce is sweet with a combination of the mint cutted leaf, this food is a great food to try. espescially when bitten and into the throat you will feels like in heaven. This food relatively cheap price also makes food this is quite popular.

For the dessert, Churros is the recommended for "wash" your mouth, with the Vanilla Mascarpone And Balsamic Strawberry, plus with the crispy and yummy dough, Strawberry that tastes sour-sweet with a little balsamic vinegar will make the taste of this dessert feels special and it will reduce full on your belly. The desserts that really deserve to be eaten before going home For the drink, the café provide Cocktails like Espresso Martini, Bloody Mary, Monkey Mate, Aperol Spritz and etc. not only cocktail, there is a sparkling, like Champagne. You can order some beer before its close at 12AM.

Environment at Club Street Social

Club Street Social, it’s a best place to have fun and to refreshing, the place is clean and Classy-Modern, Quiet and far from crowd, there is a car parking nearby. And its recommended for you who have a lot of stress and pressure.

Service at Club Street Social

The waiters good and friendly, they will not be long if you call them, a pleasant service will you feel in this place. they will also offer delicious food recommendations. sometimes if you talk to one with the waiter, they will serve you and talk to you with a little joke.

Price at Club Street Social

Average the price is S$10-S$30
Location : 5 Gemmil Lane, Singapore 069261 (across Le Spa Massage). Nearest Mrt is Telok Ayer MRT
Open :
Mon - Fri: 11:00 - 22:30
Sat: 09:00 - 22:30
Sun: 09:00 - 21:00