Crystal Jade Golden Palace Restaurants Reviews In Singapore

Crystal Jade Golden Palace Restaurants Reviews In Singapore

Crystal Jade Golden Palace is one of the famous restaurants in Asia, not only in Singapore, but there are about 80 branches in 9 countries. It is a Cantonese fine-dining restaurant in Singapore, Cantonese fine-dining restaurant in Singapore, and a kind of food with various characteristics from Hong Kong, Shanghainese, Teochew, & Korean Food.

Crystal Jade

This restaurant is always visited by people with fancy clothes. Do not be surprised, the place that provides food ala Cantonese & Chinese food is always visited by people for business, birthday, or just for private dinner with friend or family. Restaurants with a slightly unique but modern style usually look luxurious and of course expensive. But the place is in paragon is also suitable for a romantic dinner or private dining. The price is relatively expensive but with standards beyond expectations with exceptional taste at reasonable price.

Food in Crystal Jade Golden Palace

This restaurant is famous for its dim sum with its type and variety, Dim Sum is a snack that is usually serve as an appetizer, but there are also people who make Dim Sum as a main dish. Usually Dim Sum is serve with Cha (Tea). But if you want to wait for the main dish to come, try a less-heavy food like Dim Sum, for your appetizers can try Siew Mai, Har Gau (Ha Gou), or Char Siew Bao.

Char Siew Bao

Pork Bun! Wow, the restaurant does have it! One you can try for the best bun in town! The soft skin, and the steam overheated the buns will make you hungry. The sweet ketchup pork its look so special and overwhelming, once you try it the sweetness of the pork will conquer your mouth, there is no way you will stop chewing the bun! 

Har Gau (Ha Gou)

What is Har Gau? Har Gau or Ha Gou is a Cantonese Dumpling, usually provided in Dim Sum. This food is very tempting and also teasing. Your first bite will know why this food is worth ordering, the aroma is fragrant and the look so perfect can make you addicted to this food, if you bite it half, you will see the shrimp already ripe perfectly inside it. this food could be a second recommendation, then what's the first?

Siew Mai

With prices slightly different from Siew Mai that exist elsewhere, Siew Mai in Crystal Jade Golden Palace is very different, from its appearance, this food looks standard but its aroma is very teasing and make you drooling, especially if you are very hungry. Sweet taste and also a little bit salty make you want to continue to eat Siew Mai. This one is the first top food “pyramid” in Dim Sum stage. Most Recommended!

How about the main dish? The “must” try to eat is: 

Peking Duck

Was served since imperial era in China, this food is still the one of the best Chinese food. Dark brown and crisp skin is one of the prominent From this food. The aroma of this food is also very tempting, the taste of the softness of the duck meat makes this food very popular with many people and almost become a must menu to try.

Braised Whole Japanese Dried Yoshihama Abalone In Abalone Sauce

To be able to enjoy this meal, you must place an order the day before you come. you can imagine how complicated to eat abalone in this place, but in accordance with the price and time you use for this food. The texture of the abalone is no doubt, it is not everyone likes abalone, but its meat is different from other meat makes this become one of the favorite. The taste is naturally salty and a bit like a calamari, you will eat abalone like eat a steak. But do not forget your wallet to try this one.

Roasted Baby Suckling Pig rolled with Black Truffle Pearl Rice

You will not see a pig baby for this one, it sounds frightening if you see the pig Baby in your table right? The one you will see is a rice wrapped with pork baby skin and meat. but the flesh of pig baby is very soft, especially the crispy of skin is accompanied by soft meat. when the food is in your mouth, it will feel crisp and tasty, with a combination of cooked perfectly and soft Black Truffle Pearl Rice. Don’t forget one thing, if you want to try you must booking before you come, so make sure make an order one day before you try!

And there is so many menu you can “must” try here like : Bird nest, Teochew Braised, Cantonese BBQ, a lot type of Soup, Abalone (Sea Treasure), Sea Cumber, Seafood and many more.

Environment at Crystal Jade Golden Palace

The place will no doubt is clean, fresh air but sometimes you will smell the food, clean floors, clean tables, dark walls with beautiful lights, one of the favorite places for business, family, private dinner and could be a romantic place for dating.

Service in Crystal Jade Golden Palace

Friendly service and also fun, when you come you will see a beautiful woman with a relieving smile to welcome you. She will take you to your table.

Crystal Jade Golden Palace Price

If you come for dim sum, the price range is *S$30 - S$50
If you come for dinner the price range is *S$50 – S$500
*depending how many menus you order

Crystal Jade Golden Palace Location

290 Orchard Rd, #05-22 Paragon Shopping Centre, 238859
(65) 6734 6866
(65) 9177 2091

Crystal Jade Golden Palace Operation Hours :

Mon-Fri: 11:30am - 3:00pm (last order 2.30pm) & 6:00pm - 10:30pm (last order 10.00pm)
Sat: 11:00am - 3:00pm (last order 2.45pm) & 6:00pm - 10:30pm (last order 10.00pm)
Sun & PH: 10:30am - 3:00pm (last order 2.45pm) & 6:00pm - 10:30pm (last order 10.00pm)
Reservations are welcome (daily)