Diet? Avoid this food!

Diet? Avoid this food!

Slim with the ideal weight is the desire of every woman today. Whatever efforts they would do to get the body slim and slender, as they dreaming of. Little fat is visible on their body, making the women dizzy and want to immediately get rid of it.

A lot of methods that they will do, start from the unhealthy to the healthy. There is also a lot method which is safe and unsafe, what they do for one purpose, for an ideal body, but is there a safe way? The answer is yes, and what's that? The answer avoids the foods which is the food contains a lot of fat!

What is the first? The first food we need to avoid for a healthy diet?

Fast Food or Instant Food

Current dietary failures are always connected with oily food and also fatty foods have been associated with “instant food” or “fast food“, Not only oily or fat, both types of foods do is a delicious food. The aroma of the food usually smell good and also makes us curious with the taste, Until you start to curious how it ” like, slowly you will try the food and start to addicted.

A fast food or instant food usually have a standard about the nutrition and etc, but some fast food surely ignores the standard like an oily food. Which is the oily will converted to fat and stay in our body as a Fat. So if you really want to diet, just forget about the Fast Food and Instant Food, Home-Cooked will healthier than another!


It's not a secret anymore that alcohol is bad for health. Not only that, alcohol is also responsible if you experience weight gain. Not many people realize that alcohol can cause weight gain because too much alcohol will trigger inflammation and cause weight gain.

Not only beer, but also other foods containing alcohol such as cocktails. Alcohol in this kind of beverage can affect a chemical reaction in the brain that makes a person more interested in eating junk food or fast food pain. If this habit is left, of course, you will experience weight gain.


In the and the hot weather in our minds, we certainly think the soft drinks are very fresh to drink. In addition to the delicious taste, the sensation of drinking soft drinks also give a different impression than drinking another drink. There are even some people who always provide soft drinks in the refrigerator at home. But do you know that soft drinks have a negative impact on our health?

The sugar content in a portion of the same soft drink contains about four times as much sugar in other sweet drinks. It gives excess calories to the body and makes the body obese. Both for children and adults. In addition, carbonated drinks also make our stomach look bigger.


Drinking coffee is a great way to increase energy and performance. But do not take them in too much. Coffee can keep you focused and energized because it triggers adrenaline production. But if you consume more than three cups daily, you can make the adrenal glands work too hard. If the gland is to insist, ultimately the adrenal glands will not work properly when it is needed. Although coffee will not make you fat fast, the extra that is often mixed into coffee, such as milk, syrup, sugar, and others can increase weight. In a single drink, you unknowingly consume 250 to 300 extra calories.


Eating raw fish will not have a bad impact on our body, but it's different with a sushi dish that is usually sold in the market. Added cream cheese, spicy mayonnaise, tempura or shrimp dough, or white rice can certainly make sushi into a fat food.

Not to mention the seasoning of soy sauce high in sodium that can make the body more swollen. A healthier solution is to choose sashimi served with brown rice or a simple roll with no extra spice.


is needed by the body because it is a source of calcium, vitamin A, D, and protein. Milk also contains 150 calories and 8 grams of fat so it can help those who want to quickly fat.

But well drink a lot of drink is not a good idea, because the calories will make us quicker to get fat and If you want to stay straight but still want to drink milk, then choose a low or no fat at all.


is well-known as a source of carbohydrates (sugar). But, in addition to carbohydrates, it turns white rice also contains other important nutrients the body needs. For example fibre, protein, selenium, zinc, and magnesium.

Even today there is a lot of rice enriched with thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin. All three will produce folic acid or vitamin B9. This content is very good for pregnant women's health and the development of the fetus.

So, rice is not as bad as you think so far. It's just that the bad consumption habits make rice as one cause of health problems, such as obese or diabetes.

You should eliminate the mistake of thinking or the myth of the rice from your mind. Think of it as the same carbohydrate as other carbohydrate sources, where you have to limit your intake not to overdo it.

Both men and women are willing to spend thousands of dollars and do extra-tight diet and extra sports to get the ideal body weight quickly.