Eat free, then wash the dishes!

Eat free, then wash the dishes!

It might be surprising enough for the penniless who are in hunger. Some people will have no idea to think about when they travel somewhere and have no money left for food. As you travel to Tokyo, you are not supposed to be worried if you want to save your money or lack of the money during your travel time. One of the restaurants in Tokyo gives you special offer to eat free in condition to working for 50 minutes. Isn’t it a good idea to try out? The idea of eat free and wash the dishes have been long implemented and people are quite interested to try such challenges. 

Located in Jibocho district, Tokyo, the restaurant with the idea eat free and wash the dishes that later named as Mirai Shokudo is never employed a regular employee. This is what you will never find out in some other regions in other countries. People who do not have money and eat in the restaurant that brings the concept of “open-source” will pay for one-shift working time. As people come and go, it can be indicated that the people who work for this restaurant in one shift will be different from another shift.

The owner of the restaurant, Sekai Kaboyashi prepares 12 chairs only. If you want to eat free and wash the dishes, you can choose one of the jobs in that restaurant such as serving the menu, cleaning the table or any other jobs available in that restaurant during the afternoon shift. With the idea of eat free and wash the dishes, there are still many visitors who want to try those restaurant and they think it is quite helpful for those who have no money at all and feel hungry.

If you come to eat in this eat free and wash the dishes restaurant in the evening, you are encouraged to come after the restaurant closed. What you have to do during the evening shift is only washing the dishes and clean the restaurant. To surprise you, the wages for working in this restaurant can be replaced with the voucher that can be used to eat in this restaurant again.

When you come to Kobayashi, you are supposed to eat once before you can work for the owner of eat free and wash the dishes restaurant. This is aimed at helping the visitors know about what it is inside of the restaurant, so that they can work there without confusion. It is reported by the owner of this restaurant that there has been approximately 500 visitors who come for eating and pay for 50-minutes-working.  

Speaking about the owner of eat free and wash the dishes restaurant, it is said that the owner has been long experienced to work in some pop-up cafes. As he graduated from the faculty of education in Tokyo University Institute of Technology, he decided to lead the life as an engineer. Not long after that, he established Mirai Shokudo two years later. He once ever recorded as the employee of Cookpad.Inc that focuses on food recipes where the company provides the employee with the kitchen to cook and share foods with other employees. 

What he remembered during the day when he became a part of Cookpad.Inc, the founder of eat free and wash the dishes restaurant said that his co-workers loved what he had cooked during the lunch time. This encouraged him to establish the new restaurant with his own concept. Before he decided to open the new restaurant, he learned many things from the most famous restaurant and any other restaurants nearby. 

He now is focusing on his restaurant, even though it is quite hard to let his previous career go. As he comes out with the open-source concept in which the software design is made free for the public in attempt to help the customers enhance their own quality, he believes that his eat free and wash the dishes restaurant will create a big change someday.

What Kobayashi does in dealing with his eat free and wash the dishes is that he uploaded his business management along with its finance so that people from all parts of the world will be able to see its growth. The comments and suggestions always become the important aspects to consider as he wants the restaurant serves the very best qualified services system. He also provides the assistance to those who want to establish the new restaurant. To him, it is quite interesting to work with new people he meets every day.