Enjoy Chili Crab in Singapore from Vending Machine

Enjoy Chili Crab in Singapore from Vending Machine
Enjoy Chili Crab in Singapore from Vending Machine
Enjoy Chili Crab in Singapore from Vending Machine

If you love crab, you must not forget to find a vending machine in Singapore when you are traveling to this country. Nowadays, it is possible for you to have chili crab in Singapore by using vending machine. There will be various crab dishes that are delicious, spicy and flavorful to enjoy.

It is no secret that crab is commonly served warmly in the restaurants. It is because the crab is prepare freshly and will be cooked directly after it is caught. However, now you have another way to enjoy crab dishes in Singapore. Now, you can enjoy your favourite crab dishes from a vending machine.

It is House of Seafood, a food chain in Singapore which makes it possible for you to have chili crab in Singapore from a vending machine. It was last year in 2017 when House of Seafood introduced their Ready-to-Eat-Crab, a food vending machine which offers instant crab for you.

You can find this vending machine in The Punggol Settlement (#01-01/02 The Punggol Settlement, 3 Punggol Point Road, 828694). Without waiting for too long, now you can enjoy your crab dishes deliciously with your family and friends. Then, how about the variety of dishes that you can have from this machine?

This vending machine offers three flavors for the crab dishes such as salty egg, black pepper and chili. The meal will come out as soon as you order the food from the machine. In this case, you may need to wait for 5.5 minutes only to get the crab ready to eat.

When you want to have chili crab in Singapore and you order the meal from this machine, you will get the menu packed in airtight plastic box. Don’t worry the crab will be served you in hot condition, so you can enjoy it more like the way you usually enjoy it in your favorite restaurant. 

For your information, the vending machine comes like a box in orange color. You will see a LCD screen which shows you the menu which is available on the machine. The screen will also give you information about the price of the menu. Then, how can we proceed to buy the meal?

If you have chosen your meal and want to buy the meal, you just need to approach card, credit card, e-wallet or cash to the machine. Then, you can just wait for your order to come out from the machine when it is ready.

The chili crab in Singapore that you buy from the machine has been warmed in the microwave in 60 degree Celsius which is available in the machine. When it comes out, your meal will also be equipped with spoon, fork, napkin and also plastic gloves that can help you to get the most of your crab dishes.

In one box of the meal, you will find eight pieces of Sri Lanka crabs which weigh about one kilogram. How about the price? The price of one box crab is SGD 57 and you can eat the serve with another person because it is for two servings. 

In addition to the crab dishes, you can also have other menus such as frozen food that is ready to be eaten. In this case, it is possible for you to have chicken rice, bak kut teh and also nasi lemak.. If you buy this menu in the machine, you can simply warm it up again at home by using microwave or simply sauté it at home.

Now that it becomes the first chili crab in Singapore which is delivered via vending machine, the owner says that it is his business solution to create new technology which is able to develop his business. In this case, since there are no many people who want to work in long hour, he solves this problem with the vending machine. 

As the time goes on, it is likely that the owner will place other vending machine spread around the industrial area like Sentosa and more. This plan appears after the demand of this crab dishes is quite high in the market. In one month, House of Seafood can sold about 1000 set. 

Thus, if you are in Singapore, you must remember to try chili crab in Singapore which is offered through this vending machine because it now becomes the culinary icon in Singapore.