Fantastic! Food replicas can be purchased through the vending machine

Fantastic! Food replicas can be purchased through the vending machine

It is surprising to discover that the unique food replicas made from the wax or plastic that represents the dish are now available in vending machine. This might not happen in some countries in the world, since vending is commonly used to get some food to eat. As the world is getting crazy out there, Japan, with its technology is trying to come out with difference.

The advanced country used to provide soft drinks and daily needs through this sophisticated machine. Nowadays, you will find something different, as you will not only buy those stuffs, but many unique food replicas have been the interest among the Japanese.

Food replicas are available through vending machine

If you used to spend money to visit one stores to another only for finding the very best replicas to decorate your room, it is not getting simpler as you live in Japan. We assure you that as you walk along the street, you will find what so called vending machine.

As the development of technology out there, Japan tries to enhance the quality of live by providing the hundreds unique vending machine. This becomes the iconic thing among the country worldwide, so that in 1930s Japanese introduced the unique food replicas to the world. But, it has already gained attention in this present day.

Osaka, the crowded city in Japan is the central modernization where people come to visit this city for its delicious foods and travel. This causes the Japanese to think about another option on how to maximize such condition. Not long after that, Japanese initiates to sell the unique food replicas and create some certain site as the food replica workshops. In Japanese, this site is named as “Sempuru”. People who travel to this site can find many food replicas displayed in the vending machine.

How to make these food replicas

Talking about how to make the unique food replicas, it can be said that Japanese only need some wax and special coloring materials. As you got a good idea on how the vegetables, fruits or cakes look like, then you can create the food with such materials. Adding the coloring materials will create the attractive look when it is displayed in vending machine.

Mr. Sato, one of the reporters of Sora News speaks about the unique food replicas. He said that he used to find the vending machine wrapped by the bubble wrap.

This machine is dedicated for the food replicas made from the plastics. If you are interested to purchase the replicas, you are not necessary worried not to be able to possess your favorite food replicas, since you can own it through the vending machine. Follow the instructions as stated in the right side of the vending machine. But, remember that you cannot eat those mouth watering foods in that machine because it is written that “you are not capable of eating the foods but you can save it as home decorations”.

Speaking about how to get the unique food replicas, as stated in the label, you are required to press the button in the right side and the product will be displayed on the screen. Then, you can choose one of the food replicas that suits to your favor. Insert the money in the available spaces to get the desired food replica. Not long after that, your unique food replicas will be in your hand and you can use it as key holder.

How much are those items?

If you are eagerly want to get one of the most desired unique food replicas displayed in the vending machine, you need to purchase it. In this regard, it is no wonder that you will be charged with the expensive price as you choose the most beautiful and unique one. Apart from this, you have to spend 300 yen or approximately S$4 until 900 yen or S$10. If you want to purchase a pack of key holders with the bread and chocolate shape, you just need to spend 1,500 yen or S$17.

So, are you interested to purchase one? Visit Osaka and go to the vending machine for the beautiful unique food replicas.