Explore Foods in Vivocity Singapore By Cuisine Type

Explore Foods in Vivocity Singapore By Cuisine Type

Top Food in Vivocity for All Cuisine Hunters

Vivocity is one of the most popular and biggest shopping malls in Singapore. The location is nearby the HarborFront MRT. Therefore, it is reachable with comfortable access. This shopping mall is a gateway to Sentosa Island. What a perfect location that will make everyone feels so convenient when visiting the mall. Even, the monorails to Sentosa Island depart from the mall. The station is on the third floor in Vivocity mall. That is amazing.

Vivocity Singapore features prominent restaurants with various menus. People can have fine dining experience in all places. The world cuisines are served in the restaurants. Besides, visitors can go to two food courts in the shopping mall. Whether it is for a quick snack or big meal, the restaurants are the best bet. In addition, people can find unique snacks and sweet beverages in Vivocity.

The List of Top food in Vivocity

We can find a long list of top food in Vivocity. You should try Little Red Shop for a unique snack. Besides, delicious donuts from Dippin’ Donut and Old Chang Kee are also great selections. The shopping mall is also a great destination for wine connoisseurs. Denise The Wine Shop or Bottles & Bottles are excellent places to visit.

Japanese Foods in Vivocity

In Vivocity, top foods are selected from various restaurants. There are some Japanese restaurants offer excellent menus in Vivocity. Japanese cuisine in Akashi Japanese Restaurants will give people excellent foods. Besides, Ichiban Boshi, Menya Musashi, and Shin Kushiya are some of the best places to go. Signature dishes such as black pepper fish and amazing kinds of sushi are served at the restaurants. We can also enjoy set dishes through the places.

Chinese Food In Vivocity

If you like Chinese foods, there is also a long list of Chinese restaurants located in Vivocity. We can go to Bosses or Paradise Dynasty to enjoy the signature Chinese dishes. Besides, we can also visit Dian Xiao Er, Putien, and Soup Restaurant for superb Chinese foods. Also, Nyonya and Baba Peranakan Cuisine and TungLok Signatures will give another exclusive selection of Chinese menus with Singaporean styles. Dian Xiao Er is my favorite. The place is designed with the vintage interior decor. The rustic atmosphere makes the restaurants more comfortable to dine it. We can order various menus of duck steak and other Chinese foods with special ingredients.

Asian and European Foods in Vivocity

Top food in Vivocity includes Asian foods as well. One of which is the menu of Korea’s leading chain of BBQ restaurants. We can also enjoy Taiwanese foods at Xi Men Ding. The beef menus at the restaurants will one of the best that you can enjoy while in Singapore.

In addition to the Asian and Chinese Restaurants, we can also find European cuisine restaurants that offer Italian, Spanish, and French cuisines. We can try Italian foods in Jamie’s Italian. Meanwhile, Poulet offers the best French cuisines in Singapore.

Some of the restaurants with famous menus need to be reserved before. Therefore, we need to get informed with the restaurant's profile. That way, we can check some top foods in Vivocity and book the table comfortably. We will love the way Singapore serves us with the fanciness and world-class foods as well.