Hainan chicken rice in Singapore

Hainan chicken rice in Singapore

When it comes to Singapore, it is no secret that Hainan chicken rice is one of the things that people will think about. As one of the special cuisine in Singapore, it is inevitable that people who come to this country want to taste the best Hainan chicken rice in Singapore. If you are of them, you have been at the right place.

Hainan chicken rice itself is a serving of sliced chicken meat served with sliced cucumber alongside with a bowl of rice, ginger garlic sauce and sambal or chili sauce. Actually, this meal is also available in other South Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. However, Singapore is actually the best place to enjoy this cuisine.

This meal originally comes from Hunan Province, South Taiwan. It is also popular with the name Wengchan Chicken. It is because it is adapted from Taiwan predecessor in Nanyang. According to its history, this cuisine is brought by those people from Hunan who comes to Singapore around 1850s. 

When you are searching for best Hainan chicken rice in Singapore, it is possible for you to find it anywhere including food store, stared restaurants and also hawker. It is even not impossible for you to find the menu in Singapore Airlines. 

Moreover, as you come over, you will find that there are some restaurants which say that they are actually the legend or the one that provides the most delicious one. When it is originally served just boiled chicken and rice, nowadays the way people serve this meal is changing over time.

Chicken which is served as Hainan chicken rice is usually the usual chicken which is at least weigh two kilogram. You need to have the one that is not too small because it may make the meat has bad smell and the meat is also too thin. 

When you find Hainan chicken rice in Singapore, it is usually cooked without its legs and head. It is because this meal uses whole chicken without the legs and head. Then, it is boiled alongside with water, garlic, ginger and salt.

Furthermore, when it is already cooked, the chicken is put into a bowl of ice cube when it is still hot. It is because you need to stop the cooking process. At this point, collagen in the chicken skin will freeze and then the skin will become good when it is served.

Afterward, you must know that the one that is used to cook the rice which is used as Hainan chicken rice is the broth used in the previous process. It means that you will use the broth for cooking the chicken before. It is because the taste of the rice will be better and the smell will be great as well since it is made of delicious broth.

Then, how about the way to serve the menu? To serve the menu, chicken meal is sliced diagonally for about two centimeter. Then, it is placed on the plate which has been filled with the sliced cucumber. After that, you can serve the chicken with soy sauce, ginger garlic sauce, sambal sauce, broth and also rice.

Now the question will be how can we get the best Hainan chicken rice in Singapore? According to the senior researcher of FoodAdvisor, there are three kinds of Hainan chicken rice servings that you have to know. There are HCR special Canton, the one that is served with soya sauce that is not thick and the one that is served with thick soya sauce. 

And if you ask the best choice for yourself, it actually depends on yourself. It is possible that you may find a serving that has delicious chicken but the rice is not too bad. On the other hand, you may get the one that has better taste in its sauce. 

However, if you need a recommendation, Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice which you can find in Maxwell Food Center is recommended. This food store is very easy to find. You can simply search for the one that has many people queue in front of the store. 

Now, you must prepare yourself to taste Hainan chicken rice in Singapore. Don’t forget to invite your family or friend to enjoy the serving together. That’s all!