Hard to Sleep? Try foods that will make you sleepy

Hard to Sleep? Try foods that will make you sleepy

Every day, we always meet some or new problem in our life, Some of problem is an easy thing to solve, but some problem will make us hard to sleep. Well there are 2 kinds of thing will make you hard to sleep because of your works? Or think too much about something else?

Don’t eat too much medicine to make yourself sleepy, just consume the list foods which it's will make you sleepy, what are they?


is one type of seafood, tuna is very useful in improving and maintaining the health of the body and prevent it from various serious diseases. Moreover, the fact that tuna is a seafood that can make the consumer fast sleepy and easy to sleep. This super healthy food has a high vitamin B6 content. Because the vitamin B6 content is ultimately the production of melatonin and serotonin can increase in the body so that in a short time, drowsiness will be created and you will be hard to hold it. Therefore, eating tuna at night is the right choice.

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Leafly Green such as cabbage contains enough calcium to help the brain use tryptophan to produce melatonin. So, it would not wrong to consume cabbage, so it's quicker to fall asleep. In addition to cabbage, you also can consume other green vegetables such as spinach and green mustard greens.

Otherwise, do not forget an Almond. Almond is one of the healthy snacks that have a lot of good content for the body so it can be used to maintain health. In almonds, the content of tryptophan and magnesium is quite high and these two substances are instrumental in making nervous function and muscle become reduced so that you will automatically feel very relaxed and slowly will appear drowsiness.

The reason why drowsiness easily arises after consuming almonds is that both of these substances will stabilize the heart rhythm. Eating a handful of almonds alone can provide a sleepy effect, so eat at night as a healthy snack before bed.

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Most people say that when physically exhausted, sleep will be faster because tired can make eyes heavier. If you want to quickly feel sleepy, eat bananas and you will be sleepy instantly. This is because this fruit has a content of magnesium and potassium that can make the nerves and muscles calmer. The content of vitamin B6 in bananas will also make tryptophan turn into serotonin so that the tense body will turn into more relaxed.

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is not only delicious and tasty but it also contains many benefits for health, especially for those of you who often have a hard time to sleep. A study has shown that eating kiwi can help people to sleep faster. But why?

Researchers recommend taking two kiwis one hour before bedtime to dispel insomnia and improve your sleep quality. After an investigation, Melatonin is the cause, Melatonin is a hormone that helps you find relax and can sleep and kiwi is a natural melatonin booster. Eating kiwi as a dinner snack can make your sleep better. People who previously often feel difficult to sleep get better quality sleep and longer after eating two kiwis every night.


Foods made from soy like tofu, tempeh, miso, or edamame rich in isoflavones are components that can increase the amount of serotonin (a brain compound that affects the body clock). Adults who eat two or more servings of soy each day will sleep longer and have the best sleep quality.

Phytoestrogens contained in soy are excellent for controlling the anxiety, but little is known, that the usual Phytoestrogens we consume can make us easily sleepy. Therefore, it is better to avoid eating soy if you do not want to sleep when working.


Some believe consume warm milk at night can make sleep become more soundly. Then how a glass of milk can make people sleep easier?

A glass of warm milk can contribute to a variety of factors to make a person drowsy. The benefits of milk at night involve psychological as well as physiological factors.

Milk and as well as yoghurt and cheese can accelerate the drowsiness reaction. All three foods have the content of tryptophan and high nutrition that can help reduce stress so the brain will be more easily drowsy.

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Some of you would love to have breakfast with oatmeal before starting the activity or as a healthy menu of heart patients. Well, you definitely do not realize that eating oatmeal will trigger insulin production and increase blood sugar levels.

Substances that can calm the body and make you sleep quickly. Rich oatmeal melatonin can make the body can be calm so that sleep becomes faster.

So Guys, avoid the foods above if you're going to work. Eat these foods before going to sleep or when you want to rest and it will make you have a good sleep quality! Good night!