Kick Out These 5 Menus As You Go For Successful Diet

Kick Out These 5 Menus As You Go For Successful Diet

Most people dream to have ideal body shape, so that to those who are now in obesity are trying hard to reduce the weight with many ways. Physical exercise and taking the certain healthy foods are some of the good ways to stay fit for longer period of time. It is said that there are some menus to kick out when diet from your shopping list such as yoghurt and rice.

As quoted from an Australian diet expert named Susie Burrell suggests that you need to think about the menus to kick out when diet as you go for diet. It is said that these following diet menus will enhance the weight gain, so that the diet expert suggest you to set aside these menus if you really want to be so healthy and fit.

According to what she wrote on her blogs, there are seven menus that you need to aware of when you are dreaming about having the good body shape. Below are some of the menus that you need to set aside and some alternative foods to consume.

Turkey baked bread

Talking about the menus to kick out when diet, if you take the latte and the turkey baked bread in the early morning, we strongly encourage you to change the menu. It is said that the bake bread contains carbohydrate as high as four pieces of bread. In her book, she also said that the underlying reason why the turkey baked bread contains of high carbohydrate because of the big slices. It is totally different with the bread made from flour in term of its slices. In addition, the turkey baked bread is also high salt so that this is one of the major reasons why you should kick out of this menu from the daily menu list. To substitute one of the menus to kick out when diet, you can take the whole grain bread.

Banana bread

As stated in Susie’s book, banana bread is one of the real bread with 80 gram of carbohydrate, 20 gram of sugar and 30 gram of fat. In line with the menus to kick out when diet, the diet expert said that most people consume 300 – 400 calorie per day that is actually really needed. To speed up your diet program, you need to exchange it with the sourdough bread. Do it consistently so that you will not be fat in some months onward and you will feel different.


Many people switch the butter with the margarine due to the low calorie, but in dealing with the menus to kick out when diet, Susie said that it is preferable to use the frying oil to cook something. It is because the frying oil is originally derived from the frying oil. Even though the fact says that margarine can reduce the risk of being in high cholesterol level, it is not big mistake if you add the frying oil when cooking.

Fruit yoghurt

As advertised in the mass and online media, it is said that yoghurt is beneficial to enhance the quality of life in term of health. Unfortunately, many menus to kick out when diet including fruit yoghurt is not suggested since it will end your diet in helplessly. The prebiotics and healthy nutrition does not seem to be effective to reduce the weight because the healthy yoghurt approximately contains of four spoonfuls of sugar. To gain the weight loss, you are supposed to consume the Greek yoghurt which is free from artificial sweeteners.


If you eat a bowl of rice, it does contain of 45 gram of carbohydrate so that you are preferable to take a piece of bread with 12 – 15 gram carbohydrate. The amount of carbohydrate in the rice promotes the weight gain and the glucose in the blood. Talking about the menus to kick out when diet, you are supposed to set aside the rice and take the brown rice.

Fried potato

Widely known as fried fries, this food is the most favorite one because it tastes good. Unluckily, the menus to kick out when diet are likely to cause the weight gain. The big problem why you are not suggested to take this food is due to the high oil. When the potato is being fried, it absorbs much oil.


It is said that you are forbidden to put some biscuits on your desks because the biscuits contain of flour, cooking oil and sugar. That is why you need to stay away from the menus to kick out when diet. Besides, the biscuits do not contain of the good nutrition inside. Talking about the solution, you just need to say NO when your friends offer you some biscuits.