Ling Zhi Vegetarian Restaurant In Singapore

Ling Zhi Vegetarian Restaurant In Singapore

Ling Zhi is a mushroom kind. Which is an edible mushroom, this kind of mushroom usually serve as a medicine. But in Singapore Ling Zhi is a Vegetarian restaurant in Singapore. Established since '91, this restaurant is consistent to provide vegetarian food. they serve a meat-made meal with vegetables or ingredients for people who do not eat meat. This is quite cool, since Vegetarian people hard to find a good-special Ling Zhi is one of the solution. Providing a luxurious meal but also a taste that is not lose to non-vegetarian food. The price also cheap, and reasonable. Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Singapore? Maybe yes!. And for the statement, "if you are looking for a good and luxury place to eat Vegetarian food? Ling Zhi is the only the option!”.

If you come with your family with a small budget, usually Ling Zhi does have a packet to choose. Or usually they have a promotion in event. So you don"t have to worry. Ling Zhi also have a "catering” option if you want. So you don"t have to come to Ling Zhi if your house is far enough. One thing will make you thing this restaurant unique, when you sit on your table, the waiters will entertain your belly with a fresh fruit, these served fruit will hold your belly from hunger. And when you waiting for the main dish to come, prepare for the best wave for your belly.

Food Menu at Ling Zhi

Come at lunar year, they have a promotion with a complete set of food, by the way, the promotion will valid from 2nd jan 2018 - 2nd march 2018. With 5 option, CNY Set Menu A - CNY Set Menu E Start from S$188++ - S$628++ (4 - 8 persons) and S$282++ - S$688++ (6 - 10 Persons)
(You can see picture below)

We come with 9 people so our option only Cny Set menu C - E. and we choose Set menu D for 10 Person and the food begin with:

Prosperity Vegetarian "Yu Sheng"

Before the main dish, we will eat some "kick-start" food with composed of Vegetarian Salmon, Radish, Fresh Iceberg Vegetables, Purple Cabbageand Walnuts, Amongst, Plum the many other ingredients. All the things is still fresh and healty!. When you bite the Purple Cabbage, its cold! And you will feel like "Cresh” (hear like eat a Keropok).

Corn and Pumpkin Bisque

When this soup is come, this food come with a good fragrance, looks so yellow and thick. Sweet and Not-filling food is good for the second "kick-start”, the sweetness doesn"t cause a nausea, it"s tasty and feel like drink a juice, but not really a juice.

Braised Fresh "Bai Ling" Mushroom with Vegetables in Vegetarian Oyster Sauce

In a second, this food similar with Baby Gai Lan With Oyster Sauce, but believe it or not, its 80% similar but not a "brother”. The different is Brocolli and its not Gai Lan. This one food is a main dish, served with a fresh broccoli and the "oyster” sauce, this one is quite good and the "bai Ling” in the middle make this food looks tasty and rise your appetit.

Deep-fried Vegetarian Fish with Pine Seed in Sweet and Sour Sauce

Basically this food is made from basic ingredients of fish, but with a mock-fish, these foods look like foods that are not made with Mock fish yet look so real. sour and savory taste from the pine seeds is very dominant, with a piercing Fragrance makes this food one of the special foods in this place. the taste of it "fish" is quite chewy and tasty, like Meat Ball but not a meat ball. it's hard to imagine, if you try it you'll think it feels like a chicken but not a chicken. confusing yet so convincing. it's good if you go to this place and feel its delicious food is perfect

Sautéed Fresh Mushroom with Asparagus Honey Bean and Fresh Lily Bulb

foods that are truly vegetarian food, selected from fresh ingredients. this food just looks like a Salad, there is almost no difference with the salad, because Sautéed Fresh Mushroom with Asparagus Honey Bean and Fresh Lily Bulb is also fresh vegetables served with a better "way".

Fried Monkey Head Mushroom with Broccoli

We never try this before, thought the real monkeys head, but when we read the menu, there is a mushroom behind it name. and yeah this is really about mushrooms, not actual monkey heads. The texture of this mushroom is quite amazing and awesome, taste like a chicken, but truly its not a meat, but feels like "Oh my God” this is for real? You can try to visit and order this one to make sure how is taste like, but if you already taste this kind of mushroom, you will know how awesome this food.

Fragrant Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaf

The rice is a little sweet, soft, coupled with the sweet foods mentioned above had made the food ordered into a sweet meal. but frankly this is a plain Ba Chang, but somehow referred to as Fragrant Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaf

Chilled Mango Cream with Pomelo and Sago

Hope this Dessert is free, seriously, the cold Chilled Mango Cream with Pomelo and Sago is a perfect dessert. And again "sweet” is more dominant on this food. It can wash your full belly, and decreased your Full-food-belly. The best dessert "that I love”. The mango cream is the main ingredient, but the other side, the pomelo and sago can be felt in mouth. Not sure how they made this but so perfect as your "close” meal.

Environment in Ling Zhi

Ling Zhi is a restaurant with 50% classic and 50% modern style, the place is quite clean and calm. They have a nice wall and greatly arranged place. Huge enough to wedding party. The floor is quite clean.

Service at Ling Zhi

like their service, fast, quick, and meticulous. if you call them, only takes under 10 seconds. they serve you with a sweet smile, sometimes they will provide recommendations to your budget. looks friendly and polite. 10/10 love their service

Price of Ling Zhi

Somehow the price is not cheap also not expensive, it"s so-so with a reasonable price with the quality of the food.
you can prepare your budget from S$15(1 person) - S$1000++ (Set menu for 10 or more person)

Location of Ling Zhi

  1. Liat Towers, #05-01, 541 Orchard Road Singapore 238881
    Tel: 6734 3788
  2. [email protected] Square, #03-09/10, 238 Thomson Road Singapore 307683
    Tel: 6538 2992