Nutritionist Speaks About 5 Secrets To Serve Most Mouth-Watering Salad

Nutritionist Speaks About 5 Secrets To Serve Most Mouth-Watering Salad

Some overweight people might be fed up when they have to eat salad every day, while their ultimate goal to reduce the weight awaits them for the total change. That is the reason why obese people need to think about how to make salad based on what the nutritionist recommends with the secret to serve delicious salad. As you follow what the nutritionist says, you will be able to serve the salad with the healthy ingredients for enhancing your diet program, in specific purposes.

It is no longer debatable that the fast food such as salad always contains of the sugar that fails your diet program day by day. Apart from the secret to serve delicious salad, the fast food salad is quick to serve with the most delicious sauce as topping. This mouth watering salad might not be suitable for obese people, so they need to think about the amount of sugar and carbohydrate in the salad.

As suggested by the nutritionist, you are not necessary doubtful to try out the new salad receipt, since the secret to serve delicious salad is made from the fresh vegetables. Besides, to make the delicious and healthy salad, you are not required much time, since this receipt is quite simple and can be done for seconds. Ashleigh James, a nutritionist with his Sumo Salad stall shares the secret to serve delicious salad as follow:

Choose the dark green vegetables as the main ingredients to make salad

What the nutritionist speaks about in dealing with the secret to serve delicious salad is that you are suggested to pick some dark green vegetables such as spinach, rocket, watercress and kale. Such green leaf is rich antioxidant, fiber and phytonutrient that will keep you feel fully for longer time.

In addition, the dark green vegetables mentioned above are also low calorie and high water. If you consume those vegetables every day, according to the last year research, it is thought that it will reduce the risk of dementia as you get older and older.

Serve salad with high protein and fiber

If you really want to go for diet and stay full for longer period of time, the secret to serve delicious salad suggests you to serve salad with the high fiber and protein. In attempt to gain this goal, you are also recommended to choose the ingredients with high protein such as tofu, nuts, fish, meat, egg and salmon.

Due to its low glycemic index, those foods will not make you hungry for short period of time. So, make sure to add some slices of meat in your salad, so that your fresh salad will be tastier.

Add some colorful vegetables into your salad

You might not know that as suggested by secret to serve delicious salad, it is said that the more colorful the vegetables, the healthier will be. In dealing with this statement, you need to put various kinds of vegetables as you want to consume the healthy salad. Tomato, spinach, avocado, carrot, red cabbage and bit are the best choices to mix in your salad. Do not focus on the popular vegetables and just try to combine one to another, so that you will not feel bored with the taste.

Consider the amount of balanced micronutrient

Speaking about micronutrient, this is the combination of fat, protein and carbohydrate that need to be taken sufficiently so that you body will stay healthy and fit. If you want to gain this goal, the secret to serve delicious salad asks you to make sure that the salad contains of quinoa, brown rice and tubers.

Do not forget to add the protein, healthy vegetables and the saturated fat such as nuts and avocado. To create the tastier salad, sprinkle the salad with the nuts and olive oil so that you can taste difference.

Put the salad sauce separately

If you want to bring the salad to school or office as the lunch, the secret to serve delicious salad suggests you to put the sauce in different package. As you do this way, it is strongly helpful to control the amount of sauce. To make the tasty and healthy sauce, you can put some lemon water, olive oil and cider vinegar. Mix it well and it can be served as the part of healthy salad for your menu.