Penang Seafood Restaurant In Singapore

Penang Seafood Restaurant In Singapore

If you are looking for a good-street Malaysian restaurant, Penang Seafood Restaurant at 76 Lorong Geylang 25A can be a great choice for you. Open everyday at 11AM - 12AM, looks like an ordinary restaurant, when the view is a huge vacant field in front of the restaurant make this place as a good place to eat with your colleagues or family.

The Food at Penang Seafood Restaurant is have a characteristic of classic Chinese Zi Char, they were focus on noodles, seafood, and Malaysian cuisine. Flavours are soft, and dishes are tasty, Portions sizes are designed for generally dining, so the portion is good for 2-5 peoples. Prices are reasonable, affordable, comparable to other Chinese Zi Char.

Best time to Come is in the evening and sit in the front of the Restaurant, you will feel so relax and refreshing. Especially at 10PM, the atmosphere will be the best one. You can enjoy your food with the moon or the star. You can chit chat with your colleagues while the place is quiet and no one waiting for their chair.

Anyway, just take a note at lunch and dinner time. You will stand for queue waiting list. But if you were wait for a great food. Waiting for 30-45 minutes will not a long time. So prepare your smartphone to play some games or use your social media to kill your boredom. 

When you get your chair, they will give you a piece of paper with the food menu. There is a ton of choice. Choose wisely and highly recommend for one portion-of single meal if you are alone. Or if you come with more people, this restaurant also serve 3 sized meal, S (Small), M (Medium), and L (Large).

Food Penang Seafood Restaurant

Assam Laksa (1 Person portion)

For the first time to visit this restaurant, many people said "their Assam Laksa will make you Shiok!" then we give it a try and order it. Fyi there is 2 portion, S (Small) for 4.80 and L (Large). by ordering the L size. the portion is seriously huge. and when the aroma is floating near our nose, its tempting and not sure if you can resist the temptation. 

The fragrance is piercing, the appearance is so not standard, look so "Premium" and look so special. there is no way we can lie if we didnt like this food. In the first bite. The Assam Laksa is very nice!. the noodle is very soft and chewy, little bit spicy, the sauce little bit sour but that is the characteristic of Assam Laksa, this one is highly recommended. after hear some information, this Assam Laksa is the most favorite food in this restaurant. and majority people will choose the Assam Laksa.

Big Prawn Mee (1 Person portion)

There is 2 kind of this food, small prawn, and big prawn with S$1,2 difference (S$4.8 for the small & S$6 for the big prawn). so we order the Big Prawn Mee with a little bit difference of the price. when it come to table, the sauce more clearer than Assam Laksa. but the fragrance is also good. the Mee have a same texture from Assam Laksa (we thought the mee will as same as Assam Laksa), the different only from it appearance.

The Big Prawn Mee have a strong flavor, (not Assam) but more savory and more tasteful. the bolied prawn have a big size, but still standard as is as a normal prawn (we call it fat prawn). and sad when they only served 2 fat prawn (not really big). the things make this food is great is the flavor and it noodle texture. 

Claypot Herbal Chicken (3-4 persons)

Claypot Herbal Chicken! Usually is a homemade and yet is served on this Restaurant. The quality is not even lose from homemade, the fragrance of it aroma is great and very typically homemade. The chicken is cooked well, the texture it meat is soft and the red dates is not too cooked and still sweet. Unfortunetly the red dates is lesser. This kind of soup is very rare in Singapore. Its hard to find and almost zero to find.

Salted Egg Prawn

This one is served in most of Seafood restaurant, with no doubt this one is a favorite, and most of people love this food especially for seafood lover! The taste of Salted Egg on the Prawn is perfectly covered. The taste with no lie.

Environment at Penang Seafood Restaurant

There is a lot of people here, not really clean. When you get inside to the restaurant and sit within 2-5 minutes, you will feel hot and get sweat. In another 10 minutes you will smell a food fragrance on your shirt. In another 15 minutes your hair will little bit oily. Best place to sit is in the front of restaurant. The place is quite windy (hot when 12am-3am) so best you come at above 4PM. You can enjoy a vacant field in the front of restaurant. For the table it’s quite oily and not clean enough.

Service at Penang Seafood Restaurant

3x comes to this place, 2 times get a good and satisfying service from the waiters. 1x got a bad service, the waiters face is unpleaseant, but get the positive way, maybe the waiters is hungry.

Price of Penang Seafood Restaurant

You can spend under S$10 for you alone. You can order Noodle, or rice set with a large size. 
If you come with your colleagues you can spend more money about S$20-S$50.
Monday: 11AM- 12AM
Tuesday: 11AM- 12AM
Wednesday: 11AM- 12AM
Thursday: 11AM- 12AM
Friday: 11AM- 12AM
Saturday: 11AM- 12AM
Sunday: 11AM- 12AM 

Location of Penang Seafood Restaurant

76 Lorong 25a Geylang, Singapore 388258
Open : Daily: 11:00 - 00:00
phone : +65 68413002