3 Places to eat Outdoor at Singapore

3 Places to eat Outdoor at Singapore

Are you love to eat? Well me too. But what kind of a good place for having fun and we can spend more time together? Well after shopping usually I will never forget to eat outside, yeah very sad when you go outside you do nothing for your stomach, after a hard day your stomach keep burn your fat and it seem unfair if you aren’t fill an energy for your stomach right?

Bored with an ordinary place to eat? Inside-place and you can smell a lot of food fragrant around your clothes? Honestly that’s one of the thing I hate most. Plus if we got wet because our shirt. The food fragrant will stick around on our skin and clothes.

In Singapore you can find a lot of cuisine like, Korean Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine, Malaysian Cuisine, Western Cuisine, Japanese Cuisine, and many more cuisine you can enjoy from North to South and from West to east of Singapore.

Well, there are a lot of places provide a different spot that you must-try one of my favorite is Outdoor. The reason is simple, usually an outside places have more table and chair, and you don’t have to worry even the place is full of visitor.

So there are 3 best place you can try for Outdoor places for enjoy your dinner!

Lau Pa Sat

Lau Pa Sat is one of the best for outdoor place to eat. Since the old place was have a nice and classic area, Lau Pa Sat can be your favorite. Just like the since they have a lot of choice to choose your meal. At morning and afternoon, the place look like a normal food court but at night, you will see a lot of smoke come from this place.

Yes at the other side of Lau Pa Sat, located still near Lau Pa Sat at Boon Lay street, this place become an amazing place for Satay Hunter, a famous Indonesian Cuisine. FYI, Satay or Sate is a dish of Seasoned, Skewered, and grilled meat that served with delicious yummy peanut sauce. The best food that you need to try.

Well sad news is the street will closed for the Satay stall, you have no choice, you need to take a walk, yes almost like a carnival (closed the road) at Indonesia, The street was closed for the hawker at night. So your option only walk. Well, more enjoyable when you take a walk, you can stop to each stall if you love to.

Anyway, Lau Pa Sat is totally different with another place, you only will seea High Building around the Lau Pa Sat.

*You can see What to Eat & 5 Favorite food at Lau Pa Sat Singapore

Glutton Bay

The dining area is located right next the famous theater Espalande, Various cuisine that you can find around here like Korean Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine, Malaysian Cuisine, Western Cuisine, Japanese Cuisine and many more.

The area also close with Boat Quay, make your dinner getting better than ever, totally different with Lau Pa Sat, Glutton Bay location near with the heart of Singapore famous places like Marina Bay Sand and a high building in front of Glutton Bay, really suite for the traveler who love to see a Singapore at night.

But another information I believe you won’t miss, Glutton Bay usually open their night area at 5pm until 3am. Yes, they only open at that time, if you come at morning and noon, you will find nothing except a pedestrian, so make sure you come at the right time.

Most of the hawker provide a Cheap Food, start from S$3 – S$15 for 1 pax.

Holland Vilage

Holland Village, are they provide a Holland Cuisine only? And how it’s look like? My first comment about this place. Good place to enjoy your time with your friends. Yup, This place always have a good atmosphere. Once you enjoy with your friend, it will hard to go home.

Different with Lau Pa Sat and Glutton Bays. You need to choose one of the restaurant, sad right? No worry! You still can enjoy the Holland Village with a lot of restaurant, you can visit here each weekend and try them one by one.

A lot of choice I promise, you can try from Chinese, Korean, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Indian, Japanese, and many more. Even tho, Holland Village also have a good Distro, not as many as a Mall, but their price quite Competitive. So you don’t have to worry with a crazy price like orchard and the other mall.

Most of people’s visit this place because they love to spend their night with Drink, Dinner, and even just for take a walk. But if you visit this place, at least bring S$10 for Dinner alone.

There are the 3 Places to eat Outdoor at Singapore. Just visit them and tell me about your comment and where is the best place for you! Have Fun!