Take notes! This List of Foods and Drinks That Can Make You Old Faster

Take notes! This List of Foods and Drinks That Can Make You Old Faster

Having smooth, toned, and youthful skin is everyone's dream. Not a few who do maintenance with a high cost to get it.

In fact, by limiting the consumption of food and beverages that can make a old faster can be one way. What are the foods and drinks?

1. Carbohydrates with high glycemic index

Foods with high glycemic indexes such as white rice, bread, sweet cakes, or potatoes can speed up the rise in blood sugar levels. Also contribute greatly to the aging process faster. This is because carbohydrates with high glycemic levels make the body work more extra to destroy sugar, and that's what makes collagen (the protein that makes the skin smooth) become damaged.

2. Alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol can obviously damage the body's health. Quoted from Dr. Oz, consuming too much alcohol can cause premature wrinkles, loss of collagen, loss of skin elasticity, reddened skin, dehydration, even swelling. Alcohol can also lower levels of vitamin A in the body which is a very important antioxidant.

3. Fast food

Fast food is also bad for health. Almost all contain trans fats that can clog blood vessels and arteries. Trans fats can also make skin look older.

4. Processed meats

Sausages, hams, nuggets, and other processed meats can cause two problems. First, processed meat contains sulfites and preservatives that cause inflammation of the skin. Second, it contains large amounts of salt that contribute to unhealthy, red, and swollen skin.

5. Soda

Who likes to drink soda? Reported by Time, soda is just as bad as causing aging like a cigarette. According to one study, people who ate 20 ounces of soda equivalent to 4.6 years of aging. That is, one bottle of soda per day can make a person look five years older.

6. Savory food

Savory or contemporary foods called 'MSG' can actually cause premature aging. A study says in addition to causing hypertension, foods high in sodium such as salt if consumed in excess in the long run can accelerate cell aging.