The First And Most Prominent American Female Chef Reveals The Story

The First And Most Prominent American Female Chef Reveals The Story
The First And Most Prominent American Female Chef Reveals The Story

World of culinary and how to serve it seemed to be dominated with the males, while the females were left behind. This happened in several decades ago before the most prominent American female chef have brought herself to the public and gained million attentions. What it is talking about is the female chef who strived hard for her identity as a female to get involved in culinary. It is not really easy as we think since professionalism and family should be prioritized among everything so that these aspects will help her to stand out among the male chefs. This is faced by Cat Cora, an American female chef who started her debut in Iron Chef, the most prestigious cooking competition.

Born as an ordinary female, Catherine Ann that is later famous for chef Cat Cora is the 40-years-old woman who started her career as the contestant in the most prestigious cooking contest in America. She was raised in the northern part of United States of America, Mississippi with the love, affection and attention from her whole family. 
In her interview about the debut as American female chef at Ocean Restaurant Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore, she revealed that her childhood was surrounded by the great people who share common ground. It is said that all the family members love culinary and they spent the most time to cook, so that no wonder if this American female chef is good at combining many ingredients to create the wonderful menu to serve.

Speaking about her career as American female chef, she started it out from geology and nutritionist. Then, she made a big change to be enrolled in the culinary school that made her work with some chefs. The experience of a mother with six children was started as the chef in New York under the control of extraordinary American chef. Then, she decided to move to Navadalo to cook for longer period time.

Later, the story about American female chef leads her to first attempt to start out the career as culinary business. in this regard, she tried so hard to get attention from the world through some TV channels such as Proho, FOX and NBC. To gain the success, she also tried to create the brand and did numerous projects in many fields such as lifestyle. This work hard day and night seems to lead her to be the American female chef.

Being the first American female chef is a big honor for her and she has to work hard and learn much more so that she can be gain the position in a way of cooking as equal as possible with the American male chefs. Being nominated as the first chef in America is surprising enough for her and it seems to be a big burden on her shoulders to lift. She also thinks that this position is considered as the representation of all women in America worldwide. As she is going to end the interview, she tells the public that this is the incredibly amazing opportunity to take and she decides to take it and go for it as it is. 

Apart from her interview as the American female chef, she is also nominated as the sexiest female chef along with some other nominee such as Ingrid Hoffman, Giada de Laurentiis and many others. 

Nowadays, Catherine Ann is also appeared in some TV programs just like in the program of Around the World in 80 plates. In addition, to persist her existence, she also spreads her wings and opens some restaurants in prestigious hotels in Orlando, Singapore and San Fransisco. Her career, apart from the first American female chef also leads her to take the position as the executive chef for Bon Appetite magazine and be the spokeswoman in UNICEF. Being appointed as it is, she is very grateful and trying hard to do as what she has to do.

From the Catherine Ann story as an American female chef it is said that her success cannot be achieved instantly, since it takes the hard work and supports from the loved one. Being generous to others is also another key for the first female chef so that she will be loved by her fans from then and on.