Why We Should Eat At Dian Xiao Er

Why We Should Eat At Dian Xiao Er

Are you now looking for the best Chinese cuisine for having meal with your partner? Just go and enjoy a wide variety of traditional heritage Chinese menu which becomes popular among the food-lovers. One of the best sites to enjoy is Dian Xiao Er which serves you with the healthiest foods with low calories, so come and eat at Dian Xiao Er for your special moments with the loved one. Thus, this is the most prominent reasons why we should eat at Dian Xiao Er for the pleasure.

Dian Xiao Er (VivoCity)

1 Harbourfront Walk #02-138/139 VivoCity, Singapore 098585
HarbourFront MRT
Monday - Friday : 11:30am - 03:00pm, 05:30pm - 10:00pm
Saturday & Sunday : 11:30am - 10:00pm
+65 6376 9786
S$15 - S$35 per pax

Great testimonials from the guests of Dian Xiao Er
It is also said that as you are supposed to eat at Dian Xiao Er, this venue is the best place for you who want to hold the special moments such as wedding anniversary or birthday party. As you come and see the spacious restaurant, you will be taken to walk by the narrow pathway heading to the bigger dining room which is fully occupied in some certain moments such as Chinese New Year.

Due to its fame for the healthiest menu of the roasted duck and some other healthy foods, below what most people say after enjoying the meal at Dian Xioa Er about why we should eat at Dian Xiao Er.

Best roasted duck ever
What becomes most prominent reason why you should eat at Dian Xiao Er is due to the best cuisine you can enjoy during the meal time. One of the must try menu at Dian Xio Er is the roasted duck which is very tender and soft when it comes into the mouth. The most delicious soya sauces combined with some starches blend into one as perfect combination of roasted duck that create difference during your meal time with your partner. As the slices of roasted duck come into your mouth, you will feel the flavorsome tender roasted duck which has been marinated for overnight.

Low calorie dishes
For those who want to stay healthy and in shape, you are no longer supposed to be worried of, since this Chinese restaurant provides with a wide variety of low calories dishes that can be the best option for the people who only want to consume the low calories foods. As you make up your mind to eat at Dian Xiao Er, you should not be worried for the calorie intake since this famous restaurant has been in co-operate with Health Promotion Board for some reasons of nutrition intake per servings.

Tender and soft roasted duck with crispy skin
Once you are served with the best cuisine at Dian Xiao Er, you will enjoy the best moment of tasting the tenderest and softest roasted duck. This absolutely always exceeds the expectation for most guests who come to eat at Dian Xiao Er. To enhance the taste, the roasted duck is cooked with the herbal that create the difference herbal taste for those who love to enjoy the flavorsome Chinese cuisine.

The roasted duck is best for those who love herbal duck
As you come to decision to eat at Dian Xiao Er, what comes into your mind is the best roasted duck prepared from the healthy kitchen. To create the most delectable roasted duck, the chef absolutely adds some herbs to create the special flavor. Then, the chef roast until the skin turns crispy with the golden in appearance and tender in the texture of the meat. This absolutely gives the best option for you to enjoy the best time in every slices of the roasted duck.

Do not worry about the calorie intake 
When it comes into the roasted duck, most people who go for healthy diet will set aside this food and come to another option for the healthier one. But, it is not for roasted duck at Dian Xiao Er that does not contain the high calories that trigger the great accumulation of fat in the body. in this regard, as you eat at Dian Xiao Er, you can add some acidity from the lime cuts that will reduce the calorie intake during the meal.

When you come to Dian Xiao Er, what you are supposed to order for the most memorable experience during the meal time is the best roasted duck with low calorie. This is what the reason why we should eat at Dian Xiao Er since you are not necessary worried for many things such as the calorie and the taste since all the cuisines are perfectly cooked with the best herbs so, you will enjoy the time to eat at Dian Xiao Er.