Why We Should Eat At Paradise Dynasty

Why We Should Eat At Paradise Dynasty

Are you looking for the perfect place to dine with your partner? Why not going to eat at Paradise Dynasty? We surely make you feel different atmosphere since the dining room is designed with the imperial China background so that you will have the chance to enjoy the most delicious foods with the comfortable environment.

So, do not think for long time to visit this best restaurant as you can enjoy the most famous and most favorite cuisine called Xiao Long Bao with various flavors. In addition, there are so many options to choose as part of why you should eat at Paradise Dynasty.

Apart from the best cuisine you can order to enjoy the quality time with your partner, it is said that Paradise Dynasty can accommodate the guests for approximately 10 – 14 people so that it is the best site for you to celebrate particular moment with your family or colleagues. So, just come to eat at Paradise Dynasty if you really want to have special time with your big family.

Newly launched cuisine at Paradise Dynasty to try out

As you immerse yourself with your partner in the most comfortable dining table, you are advisable to enjoy the most popular cuisine which has newly launched lately. These foods surely give you the very best taste and will not let you forget it for your life span. 

Below are some foods you can eat at Paradise Dynasty as part of your best moment with your partner. 

  1. Best fried duck
    One of the best cuisines you can eat at Paradise Dynasty is called fried duck which is initially launched with the best serving of the topping of special sauce and white bun. This best combination of the tasty fried duck along with the sauces and some veggies will make your dining time feels so perfect. So, do not miss the chance to enjoy the best menu served at Paradise Dynasty.
  2. Grouper with tasty fruits and pine nuts
    Most people who have never been to Paradise Dynasty come to question of why we should eat at Paradise Dynasty for some precious moment in life. It is because of the must try food that offers the best taste with distinctive flavor. Take the example of the grouper with tasty fruits and pine nuts that creates the best sweet and sour. Make sure to order this menu as you come to enjoy the meal time to eat at Paradise Dynasty.
  3. Grilled grouper combined with the tofu
    As you want to enjoy the best cuisine that lately introduced as the best cuisine at Paradise Dynasty, you can order grilled grouper with the best tofu to enjoy during your meal time. But, what you need to know is that this menu is only dedicated for those who eat at Paradise Dynasty and love to enjoy the spiciest foods. What makes people give the two thumbs up is due to the spicy used in this foods does not cause the tongue feels burning.
  4. Bok Choy with garlic
    Do you love to eat veggies or are you vegetarian? If you are so, it is strongly recommended for you to eat at Paradise Dynasty and order the best bok choy with the sprinkled garlic as toppings. This menu produces the strong flavor that will create the balance for your diet program. Thus, if you do not want to consume fish, this delicious menu is advisable to order.
  5. Braised pork belly 
    If you are looking for the most famous cuisine in China, you can go and eat at Paradise Dynasty since you can order the best foods named braised pork belly which is the perfect option for you who go for keto diet. As you take some pork into your mouth, you will taste the tenderness of the pork that is covered with the best sauce. This becomes the most favorite one among the visitors at Paradise Dynasty.

Where should we eat Paradise Dynasty in Singapore?

Paradise Dynasty (Westgate)

3 Gateway Drive #02-13/14 Westgate, Singapore 608532
Jurong East MRT
Monday - Friday : 11:00am - 10:00pm
Saturday : 10:30am - 10:00pm
Sunday : 10:30am - 08:00pm
+65 6465 9271
S$15 - S$35 per pax

Paradise Dynasty (Changi Airport Terminal 3)

65 Airport Boulevard #03-32 Changi Airport Terminal 3, Singapore 819663
Changi Airport MRT
Daily : 07:00am - 11:00pm
+65 6242 4372
S$15 - S$35 per pax

Paradise Dynasty (Causeway Point)

Paradise Dynasty, under the Paradise Group Which Paradise Dynasty (Causeway Point) also have a lot of Food Type Restaurant in different Brands, such as Paradise Seafood Or Seafood Paradise, Taste Paradise, Paradise Teochew, Canton Paradise, and many more, in total Paradise Dynasty (Causeway Point) have 10 Brands. Even have a lot of brand, Paradise group have a different brand in…

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1 Woodlands Square #05-16 Causeway Point, Singapore 738099
Woodlands MRT
Monday - Friday : 11:00am - 10:00pm
Saturday & Sunday : 10:30am - 10:00pm
+65 6894 6322
S$15 - S$35 per pax

Most people may wonder why we should eat at Paradise Dynasty for some moments in life. It is said that enjoying the meal time with the best menu at Paradise Dynasty will give the guests with the best experience. In this regard, as you eat at Paradise Dynasty, you can come to decision to choose those mentioned foods above as what you love to eat.