Why We Should Eat At Yoogane Singapore?

Why We Should Eat At Yoogane Singapore?

Singapore is broadly known for its amazing views and culinary that most people from all over the world come to enjoy the most fascinating foods from Korea. This becomes the major interest of most people who love to enjoy the distinctive taste of Korean foods in Singapore. No wonder if you find this restaurant are fully booked every day and this is why we should eat at Yoogane. So, if you really want to eat at Yoogane, you are asked to know more about the menus and many others.

Underlying reasons why people come to Yoogane Singapore

As you want to eat at Yoogane Singapore, you need to know more why this site is strongly recommended for you to spend the time with your partner enjoying the most delicious meals. In general, it is said that there are two reasons why people decide to visit this restaurant. For the first, it is said that this restaurant has been long established in 1981. This later makes this site is known for the best Dakgalbi who is famous for the tender chicken with the spicy sauce as a complement. In line with it, most Koreans give the appreciation for the menu since it is very delicious and deserve to try.

Another reasons why we should eat at Yoogane is due to the taste is completely same with the original taste but as you eat at Yoogane, the portion is lessened. So, this makes most people draw the attention due to the distinctive taste and if you are now in Singapore and wanting to enjoy the delicious Korean cuisine, you can enjoy dining at Yoogane.

What to serve at Yoogane for your best options?

There are a wide variety of the foods to choose as you are provided with the list that all bring the taste of Korean. In this regard, as you intend to eat at Yoogane, you can choose the most recommended foods which have been popularly known for many years. To surprise you, these foods are perfectly chosen for the sake of your desire.

  1. Yoogane’s chicken galbi
    One of the best foods to enjoy during your time to eat at Yoogane is known for Yoogane’s chicken galbi which costs for S$ 10.00 per pax. As this menu also becomes the major interest of most guests who come to visit this site, it is said that this menu is comparable from that of Korean. In this regard, the taste is not quite different, since the chefs have been trained for two months. During the initial period of the opening, this restaurant gets some help from the Korean experienced staffs in attempt to gain more attention from the guests. Talking about this cuisine, it is actually a little bit sweeter than spicier but such delicate taste is acceptable among the Singaporeans.
  2. Fried ra-myeon and rice in mozzarella cheese
    This is another option for you to eat during your visit at Yoogane restaurant. As you eat at Yoogane restaurant, you will taste the difference of this special menu, since the noodle is not dry at all and you will taste that it is quite moist. This absolutely happens because the noodle is added with a little bit water so that it will easily absorb the sauce as well. To surprise you, the texture of this food is very soft as it comes into the mouth.

To enjoy this meal, you are obliged to pay for S$ 3.90 for the big portion that comes along with the Mozzarella cheese. As you enjoy the time to eat at Yoogane, you will see the rice is well-coated with the sauce and a good amount of Mozzarella cheese is scattered on the top of it then it is covered with another layer of rice. When it is left for some couple of minutes to simmer, you will see the delicate texture of the rice with the delicious Mozzarella.

Where to eat Yoogane in Singapore?

Yoogane (Bugis Junction)

You will find a Korean Cuisine with a great quality also with huge portion at Yoogane, One and Most of visitor every single day. Without friend you can order for a single portion, but their single portion is not really a single portion, but not really a good decision to come alone. Since their “Steamboat” are famous and expensive, you can ask some of your friend to join and enjoy…

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200 Victoria Street #02-47/48 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021
Bugis MRT
Daily : 11:00am - 10:00pm
+65 6337 7337
S$15 - S$35 per pax

Yoogane (Westgate)

For those not that familiar with the brand, Yoogane was established in 1981 Busan, known to be one of the best Chicken Galbi Restaurants in Korea. Did you know what is Galbi? Galbi is a Korean dish made with fried chicken fried gochujang, with ingredients such as sliced cabbage, spring onion, onion, rice cake on a hot plate. The restaurant chain is becoming popular because of its…

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3 Gateway Drive #03-08 Westgate, Singapore 608532
Jurong East MRT
Daily : 11:30am - 10:00pm
+65 6337 7337
S$15 - S$35 per pax
Cheese Chicken Galbi (S$49.90)

Yoogane ([email protected])

313 Orchard Road #B3-37/38 [email protected], Singapore 238895
Somerset MRT
Daily : 11:30am - 10:00pm
+65 6634 1840
S$15 - S$35 per pax

Yoogane (nex)

23 Serangoon Central #B1-28/29 nex, Singapore 556083
Serangoon MRT
Daily : 11:30am - 10:00pm
+65 6634 2887
S$15 - S$35 per pax

Yoogane (Tampines Mall)

4 Tampines Central 5 #01-33A Tampines Mall, Singapore 529510
Tampines MRT
Daily : 11:30am - 10:00pm
+65 6544 1098
S$15 - S$35 per pax

As you want to enjoy the best time to eat at Yoogane – the most prestigious restaurant that serves the best Korean foods – you can enjoy the best time to have delicious cuisine served by the experienced chefs. This is the reason why we should eat at Yoogane during your visit in Singapore. As you come to decision to enjoy the available foods, we surely guarantee you to taste the difference in every scoop of the spoon.