Yi Zun Noodle a Halal Food at Singapore

Yi Zun Noodle a Halal Food at Singapore

Singapore, with a 719.9 km2 area, surely is not a big country, even it Smaller than Malaysia Capital City Kuala Lumpur and Indonesia Capital City Jakarta. Not big but did you know, that we are proud and happy to being a Singaporean, We have around 6000++ place to eat around the Singapore. Maybe Indonesia and Malaysia have more place to eat. But it’s not make us desperate.

From almost the kind of cuisine, what another things are important? Delicious? Is a standard thing here. How about unique? Yup we have a lot of unique food here. But that another thing is Halal. Our family at Malaysia and Indonesia majority are a Muslim people’s and In Singapore we also have a lot of Halal restaurant that you can find here at Halal food at Food Advisor Singapore.

Love is care, and care is love. Sharing an information about specific Halal Restaurant also one of important things for us. And today we have a Chinese Cuisine and Halal restaurant to review. Yes this opportunity was come when one of my Friend From Surabaya Indonesia come to visit me. We have being a friend almost 3 years on Steam. And last week we got a good time to meet up.

When he is a Muslim, that is my Responsibility to find him a Halal Restaurant at Singapore. After bringing him to take a look at Singapore, We not even have a hard time to find a Halal Restaurant. By clicking this link, all thing get easier, a helpful article here “Halal food” for our Muslim Family that visiting Singapore right now or in the future. And today we have Yi Zun Noodle to review:

The Yi Zun famous as the handmade food by the owner, Bringing a Chinese Cuisine, The Yi Zun Noodle Restaurant have a different taste from indochili and Hajah Maimunah, since those two famous restaurant bring a Indonesia Cuisine, Yi Zun, have a Chinese Cuisine.

Yup, the owner can only speak a little English will give you a hard time. You gonna need a right translator when you visit this place.

About their food, Their foods are quite cheap, Sliced Cold Chicken for S$2.80 /portion sounds so ridiculous but that is the fact. The tasty Sliced Cold Chicken he chicken thigh meat was smooth, tender and generous and the sauce had the right amounts of salty and sour.

Their Signature dish is a Sliced Beef Noodles (S$7.50)? If not this one should be a recommended food here. Their noodles is amazing delicious tasty food here. This comes in a beautiful Chinese porcelain bowl which was larger than you'd expected it to be.

Another must-try food is Hand Pulled Noodles With Minced Meat (S$6.80) This food will taste more delicious than you think, It acually come with a good and simple look food on the bowls. Add in the soybeans, carrot and cucumber strips, coriander, bean sprouts and the zhuppy minced meat that will make this food even more delicious.

And their Hand Pulled Noodles With Sliced Beef (S$7.80) is more awesome, the fresh tasty soft noodle is the best recommended here. The big sliced beef is so teasing. The beef slices were truly tender and could easily be ripped apart with little effort. Can’t hold the temptation then order, that’s all the things you need to do here.

At Yi Zun you also can another Chinese dishes such as the Xinjiang Big Plate Chicken (S$14.80) and Fish Stew with Pickled Cabbage (S$14.80) the big plate enough for 2-3 people. Still at the best price even above S$10. For the Drinks quite cheap, Start from S$1.5 you can try their Sour Prune Juice. And another Canned drinks with the same price.

Yi Zun Noodle

A simple place and not really look complicated place also one plus thing you can consider, Clean and their table also. Most of Restaurants didn’t really care about the table, but at Yi Zun, you will feel their cleanliness is almost touching a perfect score. Anyway, Yi Zun Noodle only have 30 seat and do not come at lunch time, or you will get nothing except standing outside and…

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45 Sam Leong Road, Singapore 207935
Farrer Park MRT
Daily : 10:00am - 10:00pm
+65 6219 6616
S$5 - S$15 per pax

Still afraid to visit Singapore? we just add a new Halal Restaurat at Singapore, and today Yi Zun Noodle is one of our recommended Halal Food in Singapore!