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Chee Kei Address 60 Airport Boulevard Level 2 Changi Airport Terminal 2, Singapore 819643
Chee Kei Nearest MRT CG2 Changi Airport MRT
Chee Kei Website Website
Chee Kei Phone +65 6241 3124
Chee Kei Opening Hours Daily : Open 24 hours
Chee Kei Food Price S$5 - S$15 per pax

What people say about Chee Kei

36 reviews
  • Ordered the beef brisket and beef tendons with 2 beverages for $22 plus

  • It was good esp with the fried chilli oil

  • The radish was sweet n soft

  • Soup is tasty and they are generous with their ingredients

  • The mountain of spicy meat was impressive

  • Tightly packed with abundant bouncy prawns

  • These juicy babies were most satisfying

  • The Congee was supposed to come with wontons in chili oil

  • The soggy noodle was overcooked

  • The shredded pork & century egg Congee was $9.95 and the dumplings in chili oil was $10.95

  • There was a natural sweetness in each spoonful that was quite appealing

  • Meat inside was tender and the prawn was bouncy

  • It wasn’t sour enough but was really very spicy

  • The shrimp wanton noodle ($9.95) has a really good broth with 4 large wantons that are filled full with juicy shrimps

  • The winner of the meal has to be the chilli as they used roasted dried chilli with sichuan peppercorns for the smoky flavour and numbing sensation that added another dimension to the dish

  • Beef brisket was not as tough as I thot

  • Decided to reward myself with a little taste of Hong Kong at Chee Kei

  • I picked the shrimp dumpling and beef brisket noodle combo and since I was at the airport

  • It was no surprise that the portions served for $15 was considerably smaller than what I will expect in HK

  • The burst of flavors from the shrimp dumpling were just as good as what I will expect in HK

  • Because it was a surprisingly ordinary bowl of noodles

  • The only saving grace was the wontons

  • I would say it is not very worth it

  • Located near to skytrain station at Terminal 2 in the same space with Ya Kun Kaya Toast

  • The wantons was huge and lots of fillings inside

  • Noodle texture was great as well

  • Disappointing with the poor quality of foods served

  • The noodle was overcooked

  • The noodle portion is pretty substantial

  • It also comes with their signature shrimp wanton in silky wanton skin

  • That is plump and comes with fresh crunchy shrimp

  • While the wanton soup is sweet and packed with robust flavours from the dried scallop

  • The noodle was slightly overcooked

  • More because it was a place of convenience and the food was generally satisfactory

  • Somewhere there was just that something missing

  • Perhaps it was psychological

Questions & Answers About Chee Kei

    1. Take Changi Airport MRT
    2. Alight at CG2 Changi Airport MRT
    3. Exit towards Exit A - Terminal 2
    4. Walk about 221 meters from Exit A - Terminal 2 to Chee Kei, walking time is around 4 mins.
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  • The nearest bus stop to Chee Kei are
    • Changi Airport Ptb2 (bus stop no 95129) is 34 meters away around 1 mins walk, bus service no 24, 27, 34, 36, 36A, 53, 53A, 110, 858 will stop in this bus stop.
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