Katsudon Hanakatsu

Katsudon Hanakatsu, one of Kohaku Tendon brother, bring a same style with Katsudon Brother, the concept of the food appearance touching 95% similarity. Tendon Mean Tempura but Hanakatsu roughly translates to flower cutlet which pretty much sums up the presentation of the dish. Pretty nice and unique enough to say.

There's literally only two main dishes to order here : first Original or non spicy version, which you only eat the original form of the Katsudon, and  the second option is the Spicy version ($13.50++ each). A bowl of consists of pork and chicken cutlets and each piece is really tender!

Katsudon Hanakatsu Location

Katsudon Hanakatsu Maps
Katsudon Hanakatsu Address 3 Temasek Boulevard #03-331 Suntec City Mall Eat At Seven, Singapore 038983
Katsudon Hanakatsu Nearest MRT CC4 DT15 Promenade MRT
Katsudon Hanakatsu Website Facebook
Katsudon Hanakatsu Phone +65 6333 4386
Katsudon Hanakatsu Opening Hours Daily : 11:30am - 03:30pm, 05:00pm - 09:30pm
Katsudon Hanakatsu Food Price S$10 - S$20 per pax

What people say about Katsudon Hanakatsu

26 reviews
  • Classic rice bowl that’s layered with tons of pork & chicken cutlets

  • They only serve Katsu Don mainly with the choice of spicy and non spicy

  • The Katsu itself is super tender

  • Making decisions on what to have here was really simple because they only served Katsudon here

  • A platter of battered pork and chicken fillets were plated in the form of a flower above a bed of Hokkaido rice

  • Meat lovers might either be delighted or disappointed with the Katsus

  • One might argue that the slices were too thin for liking

  • I thought it was just the right thickness to go with the batter

  • Having six pieces of meat with w smaller portion of rice made it appear favourably out of proportion

  • The spicy element was also quite flavoursome

  • Given that there was no customer before me who was still waiting for his food to be served

  • Let’s just say that my food was eventually served

  • A bowl of consists of pork and chicken cutlets and each piece is really tender

  • The rice used is the highly graded Nanatsuboshi Hokkaido Rice which has a really nice texture and tasty enough to enjoy on its own

  • If your spicy tolerance is not garbage like mine

  • The fried pork is on the thinner side not my preference but my bf loves it

  • The spicy one isn’t too hot as it is a Japanese restaurant

  • Ordered the regular bowl with Nanatsuboshi Hokkaido Rice

  • Was disappointed with their service though considering that there were only 2 customers at that time

  • Went really well with the free pickled radish with yuzu

  • Love this Katsu don ($13.5) that comes with breaded tender chicken and pork that’s seasoned with seaweed flakes that up the umami factor

  • The katsudon from Katsudon Hanakatsu is well worth it’s price

  • The chicken was definitely more tender and palatable than the pork which was tougher and harder to down towards the end of the meal

  • You might want to share it with a friend and have something else since finishing one is a bit much

  • Katsudon Hanakatsu's spicy is a lot spicier than their sister restaurant

  • As you can see they were very generous with both the chicken and pork fillets

Questions & Answers About Katsudon Hanakatsu

    1. Take Circle Line MRT or Downtown Line MRT
    2. Alight at CC4 DT15 Promenade MRT
    3. Exit towards Exit C - Suntec City, Temasek Avenue
    4. Walk about 217 meters from Exit C - Suntec City, Temasek Avenue to Katsudon Hanakatsu, walking time is around 4 mins.
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  • The nearest bus stop to Katsudon Hanakatsu are
    • Suntec Twr Two (bus stop no 02141) is 55 meters away around 1 mins walk, bus service no 107M will stop in this bus stop.
    • Suntec Twr Three (bus stop no 02149) is 82 meters away around 2 mins walk, bus service no 36, 36A, 36B will stop in this bus stop.
    • Suntec City (bus stop no 80159) is 102 meters away around 2 mins walk, bus service no 10, 10e, 14, 14e, 16, 70, 70M, 196 will stop in this bus stop.
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