La Salsa

La Salsa is for anyone craving Mom's home-style food the kind you would find in Mexico – simple yet wholesome with only the best quality ingredients used to remain true to traditional flavours; together with our margaritas and sangrias to complete your thirst for a Mexican fix. Deliciously authentic but with a modern twist to keep in tune to the current lifestyles of discerning taste buds.

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La Salsa Address 11 Dempsey Road #01-17, Singapore 249673
La Salsa Nearest MRT EW19 Queenstown MRT
La Salsa Website Website
La Salsa Phone +65 6475 6976
La Salsa Opening Hours Daily : 12:00pm - 11:00pm
La Salsa Food Price S$28 - S$48 per pax

La Salsa Deals

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What people say about La Salsa

27 reviews
  • Ambience was relaxing with live band playing

  • Protected been perfect if the ribs were a bit more moist or fatty the way I love my ribs

  • Handmade meatballs were baked and served on a hotplate

  • The essential step was also to spread the guacamole and salsa dip on the inner side of the wrap

  • When El Salvador (S$18.00) was served to me

  • I wondered if I was really given fruit punch with little alcohol content

  • I liked the cocktail for the fact that there was a little sourness coming from the fresh lime juice and grenadine

  • The confusing part was contributed by the Frangelico

  • The presentation of the fish was quite dramatic with the boneless piece of seabass laid in the curve of a giant flaky cracker

  • I love a good steak so the automatic choice of protein when I ordered the Fajitas was the Angus ribeye

  • Tiger prawns and vegetables were very tempting too

  • It smelled so good sizzling on the hotplate with soft capsicums and browned onions that I could feel my mouth watering

  • Eating Fajitas is always fun

  • The process of taking the pieces of meat and rolling them up in the tortilla (the set comes with 4 of those in a separate container) with a bit of the guacamole

  • Cheese and jalapeños is enjoyably interactive

  • The most important bit is whether the taste makes the cut

  • The savings is very attractive

  • The actual churro was not too bad

  • We have been to La Salsa several times because they have the best Mexican food in Singapore

  • The restaurant is a fabulous space and the food was absolutely delicious

  • The service however was lacking and we sat with our empty dishes at our table contemplating whether we have another drink for half an hour before we got up to get the bill

  • Good food at a reasonable price and great atmosphere with live music

  • Could probably do with a couple more waiters as it was very busy on our recent visit

  • La Salsa is consistent with its food and the atmosphere never disappoints

  • The Chimichanga is always fried so well

  • Drinks prices were not as cheap but the margaritas were tasty (not as strong as i wanted though)

  • We had enchilada and burrito and both were very yummy

Questions & Answers About La Salsa

    1. Take East West Line MRT
    2. Alight at EW19 Queenstown MRT
    3. Exit towards Exit B - Queenstown Stadium, Queenstown Swimming Pool
    4. Walk about 1150 meters from Exit B - Queenstown Stadium, Queenstown Swimming Pool to La Salsa, walking time is around 20 mins.
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