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Mad For Garlic Address 3 Temasek Boulevard #02-300/301 Suntec City, Singapore 308983
Mad For Garlic Nearest MRT CC4 DT15 Promenade MRT
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Mad For Garlic Phone +65 6238 1930
Mad For Garlic Opening Hours Monday - Sunday : 11:30am - 10:00pm
Friday & Saturday : 11:30am - 11:00pm
Mad For Garlic Food Price S$20 - S$40 per pax

Mad For Garlic Menu Recomendation

Garlic Snowing Pizza By Mad For Garlic

Garlic Snowing Pizza

Lobster Cream Pasta By Mad For Garlic

Lobster Cream Pasta

Grilled Chicken & Mushroom Risotto By Mad For Garlic

Grilled Chicken & Mushroom Risotto

What people say about Mad For Garlic

91 reviews
  • The Meatarian pizza was uninspired

  • The former was extraordinarily ordinary

  • The latter was so spicy as to overwhelm most of the other flavours

  • The only saving grace was that at least the pasta was al dente

  • For an original price of 25++ I was expecting more finesse

  • They were very generous with the mushrooms in the risotto ($25)

  • The chicken is tender and juicy as well

  • My partner was too eager to eat before I took the picture as you can see

  • Be prepared to fart alot later if you are easily flatulent ahhahah

  • Garlic formagi I probably spelled it wrong but it’s so good🥰 carbonara was really creamy too

  • Ordered the garlic mushroom chicken risotto ($25) and the recommended “best” garlic sizzling rice ($25) but under the 1 for 1 deal was much more worth

  • Honestly the garlic sizzling rice is similar to fried rice

  • Garlic mushroom chicken risotto was definitely better

  • Portion is quite small but this risotto is the best risotto I have ever eaten because its so creamy and cheesy

  • The grilled chicken’s skin was crispy while the meat was tender

  • Mushroom risotto was really tasty too as they added lots of mushroom 👌🏻

  • The portion was really huge for this

  • Tried their lobster & crab pasta which i felt was a little pungent maybe because the seafood was not fresh

  • The ragu fettuccine loved the sauce & minced meat but the beef steak chunks in it were a lil too tough to chew

  • Also tried the sizzling garlic fried rice & lemon with grilled chix risotto

  • Toppings were generous on both and there was the same white sauce on both that we really liked

  • The cheese pineapple garlic combination on a crispy base was a fresh combination

  • The pineapples were soft and sweet and shrimps were succulent

  • We picked this partly because it was the only pizza of the same price as the garlic snow (25++) and it did not disappoint

  • The pizzas are a bit salty and you may need drinks to accompany them

  • Need to queue awhile on weekends but the food is worth the wait

  • Thought this was an Italian restaurant but was Korean instead

  • The ambience was warm and welcoming

  • The garlic snowing pizza was really garlicky enough and the meatatarian pizza was a great contrast from garlic

  • We have heard about this as this is their signature pizza

  • The cheese topping is grated finely onto the pizza

  • Shrimps and bits of garlics on the pizza with the white sauce

  • Pasta is infused with super fragrant garlic cream sauce over with bits of garlic

  • The grilled chicken & mushroom risotto was one of the highlights for the table as it packs a small punch with jalapeño

  • The grilled chicken was juicy & succulent with a slight char on the skin

  • Had the Tom yum pizza which was crazy spicy w the chilli padi and the snowing cheese which was quite ordinary

  • Everything on the menu was rather pricey for the quality offered

  • The soft texture of the garlic in the pizza was unique but then if not for burrple beyond

  • Seafood pasta with a spicy kick

  • The garlic snowing pizza was surprisingly delicious (the pineapples & grated cheese

  • The meatatarian is more balanced as the toppings are savoury

  • Also we had ordered it with lifted expectations 1) pasta was too oily 2) ingredients don’t really mix well together

  • Garlic taste was underwhelming while the cheese was too much 3) beef cubes were totally overcooked

  • The food is strong with garlic which might affect your breath

  • Tripe Garlic Seafood pasta was really shiok

  • Tom yam pizza was good too but a tad too spicy for my liking

  • The chicken thigh fillet was perfectly grilled to give a nice golden glaze

  • It was pretty spicy as there was Jalapeño infused in the risotto

  • As the attention was diverted away from the true flavours of the dish

  • The other pasta dishes are prettyyy spicy

  • This pasta was pretty delicious

  • The fettuccine was quite skinny and resembled linguine more

  • Overall the dish tasted mostly of cream and was quite textually boring

  • Sauces and cheese were a perfect blend with tons of garlic

  • The cucumbers and eggplant were an interesting mix that did not quite fit our usual lasagna tastebuds

  • Absolutely delicious with a perfect mix of garlic

  • Though beef cubes were slightly tough to bite through

  • Meatatarian was fantastic and garlic snowing was just fine

  • One of the best sellers at Mad For Garlic and I totally see why

  • This is the second time I’m back here and I already KNEW I was going to reorder this while walking to the restaurant

  • This is garlic fried rice on steroids as it comes packed with aromatic crispy garlic

  • Leek and onions (which I didn’t mind in this case as they were nicely cooked on the hot plate

  • Even the cream is really light so it won’t leave you feeling thirsty/gelat

  • While the Garlic Snowing Pizza was a sight to behold when it was served (grated cheese literally snowing in your face)

  • The crowd favourite was the Meatatarian Pizza

  • White sauce went really well with the savoury sausage and ham slices it was topped with

  • The Mad TomYum Pizza is probably right for you too

  • Drinks are pretty expensive (water is chargeable too)

  • Because this Italian Korean fusion restaurant is the absolute bomb

  • It’s also served with a green chilli dressing

  • The mixed greens were fresh and crisp

  • Plus none of the veggies in the mix were of the bitter variety

  • It’s described as a ‘rich ragu fettuccine with beef steak cubes

  • Fried smashed garlic and topped with whipped cream’

  • The waitress informed us it was more like a beef Bolognese rather than steak cubes that was fine with us but it might matter to other people

  • The fettuccine strands were perfectly al dente

  • Beautifully tossed and coated with the beef ragu sauce and cheese

  • I loved that there were both minced beef pieces as well as some bigger pieces which might be considered as steak cubes as they added different textures to the dish

  • The garlic sizzling rice is under the ‘Rice and Rissottos’ category so it qualifies as a Main Course for sure

  • Is described as “fried rice with pickled garlic

  • Within the pile of drool inducing rice fried with all that ho liao

  • Our first bite of the dish was a whole smorgasbord of flavours bursting in our mouths

  • Course everything is made better with bacon

  • The bacon bits here were no exception

  • We cleaned off this plate and unanimously agreed that this was our favourite dish on the table

  • I wished there were more beautiful strands of snowing cheese

  • Bf preferred tom yam while I'd go with garlic snowing

  • Sauce in latter was unique and tasty

  • Tom yam taste was legit and refreshing

  • The taste of it was not bad but just not very worth the hefty pricetag

  • Sizzling fried rice topped with garlic on hot plate

Questions & Answers About Mad For Garlic

    1. Take Circle Line MRT or Downtown Line MRT
    2. Alight at CC4 DT15 Promenade MRT
    3. Exit towards Exit C - Suntec City, Temasek Avenue
    4. Walk about 113 meters from Exit C - Suntec City, Temasek Avenue to Mad For Garlic, walking time is around 2 mins.
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  • The nearest bus stop to Mad For Garlic are
    • Suntec Twr Three (bus stop no 02149) is 99 meters away around 2 mins walk, bus service no 36, 36A, 36B will stop in this bus stop.
    • Suntec Twr Two (bus stop no 02141) is 109 meters away around 2 mins walk, bus service no 107M will stop in this bus stop.
    • Opp Suntec Convention Ctr (bus stop no 02159) is 159 meters away around 3 mins walk, bus service no 36, 36A, 36B, 97, 97e will stop in this bus stop.
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