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Omoté Address 301 Upper Thomson Road #03-24A Thomson Plaza, Singapore 574408
Omoté Nearest MRT CC16 Marymount MRT
Omoté Website Facebook
Omoté Phone +65 9450 1020
Omoté Opening Hours Monday - Sunday : 11:45am - 02:15pm, 05:45pm - 09:15pm
Tuesday : Closed
Omoté Food Price S$10 - S$20 per pax

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Sheonage omoté ura par KALOUCH SENSEI
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Shomen Uchi Iriminage Omoté
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suwari waza shomen Uchi Ikkyô omoté
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SW Shomen Ikyo Omoté
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Tachiwaza Ushiro Ryôtédori Ikkyô omoté
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Tachiwaza Ushiro katatédori Kubishimé Sankyô Omoté

What people say about Omoté

58 reviews
  • Grilled unagi chirashi Don was great and super big portion

  • I think the don itself is already very filling

  • A two variant bowl of complementing torched mentaiko on sweet egg omelette slices finished with an assortment of marinated diced seafood on sushi rice

  • It was paired with a citrus dressing

  • It would have been better if it was more chilled

  • Overall both don were really filling and we didn't finish the rice

  • ) Anyway it was good and worth the money

  • This is everything I liked about their Chirashi Don with its well sized cubes of assortment of raw fish that is fresh and affordable — all with a creamy Wasabi Mayo

  • The result is a mind piercing

  • The numbing sensation that is so intense especially when one bites on the chopped Wasabi that it slows down one's eating speed because its just so mind boggling but so ever shiok

  • An item that are meant for all the daredevils willing to take up the challenge — very interesting indeed

  • The portion was so generous with the seasoned seafood and rice

  • I personally found that some of the cubes was seasoned stronger than others the freshness was slightly questionable too as I felt that the tuna had a grainy feel that I wasn't so used to

  • I still stand by this being very easily worth its price point for the quantity given albeit with quality slightly compromised

  • I had this thinking the quantity was gonna be more manageable than the upsized chirashi don

  • It's definitely just as generous with the toppings easily a portion that two people can share if they're not looking to be filled to the brim

  • I personally felt that the natural flavour of salmon and lobster meat was lost in the sauce/marinate that they were in

  • This is good for those with looking to eat their fill and would wanna have something other than the more familiar marinated diced seafood

  • Tastewise it was pretty good at an affordable price of S$13.90

  • The only downside was that there was a huge slab of “beef” that ended up being tissue paper wot even LOL

  • The mentai sauce is super creamy while the salmon is torched in aburi style

  • It was executed well as the aburi salmon is still juicy and not too dry

  • Cubed Salmon in Spicy Cheese Sauce the wasabi taste is a bit strong for me

  • The salmon cubes are cold with crunchy texture

  • The chirashi is fresh with generous chunks of salmon

  • The restaurant is much larger now so queues aren't as insane as before

  • Their rice bowls are still amazing for their prices

  • A pretty decent and affordable bowl with good variety

  • Quality of sashimi was not the best

  • Has been visiting this restaurant for their chirashi Don since it was once known as sushiro

  • Chirashi Don overall is still reasonably good apart from the inflated price

  • The portion of $18.90 was previously selling at $12.90

  • Tried Unagi Don for a change but the sauce is too sweet and overly marinated for my liking

  • I would recommend their upgraded chirashi don which is better value for money

  • I went with the tried and tested chirashi don (upsized version) and it pretty much tasted the same as before when they were called Sushiro

  • Lovely fresh cuts of sashimi with just much more ingredients

  • Gotta say for the price of $28.80 it was not worth it at all

  • Rice was really clumpy and dry reminiscent of poor grade of Japanese rice used or poor cooking whichever was the process

  • Mount omote was mount rice

  • This buzzy joint along Upper Thomson is a surefire win

  • The Omote Chirashi Don ($12.80) is one for the books — a satisfying meal of slightly sweet rice served with a hearty mound of well marinated sashimi

  • The Spicy Yakiniku Don ($15.80) comes with sweet savoury

  • The food is awesome as you dive your spoon into the bowl with those warm rice together with the marinated beef and those poached eggs

  • A good place to go if you are looking for Japanese cuisine at Thomson area

  • It is an understatement to say that Singapore’s F&B industry is like a war zone

  • Their bara chirashi is consistently good and very value for money

  • The portion of the original $12 bowl is much smaller

  • Unsure if the rice served was normal rice or Japanese rice as the texture was quite different from what I have tasted

  • Salmon carpaccio was good and the onsen tamago was alright

  • Omote chirashi don is made up of salmon

  • Prawn and octopus along with sesame sauce

  • The taste sauce was not too heavy but for non sesame fans you might wanna avoid this

  • They said that the prawn and octopus is not changeable so I had to order the salmon belly ikura don to avoid them

  • The sauce for the salmon belly ikura don is very mild and for the rice

  • Omote chirashi don is the must try here

  • While the wait time for a table is not that long

  • The wait for the food is extremely long

  • Their salmon and tuna chunks were so fresh and generous

Questions & Answers About Omoté

    1. Take Circle Line MRT
    2. Alight at CC16 Marymount MRT
    3. Exit towards Exit B - Marymount Road, Raffles JC
    4. Walk about 1274 meters from Exit B - Marymount Road, Raffles JC to Omoté, walking time is around 22 mins.
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  • The nearest bus stop to Omoté are
    • Opp Thomson Plaza (bus stop no 53059) is 70 meters away around 2 mins walk, bus service no 52, 132, 162, 162M, 163, 165, 166, 167, 855, 980, 410, 410W will stop in this bus stop.
    • Bef Thomson Plaza (bus stop no 53051) is 173 meters away around 3 mins walk, bus service no 52, 132, 162, 162M, 163, 165, 166, 167, 855, 980, 410, 410G will stop in this bus stop.
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