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Porta Address 1 Unity Street Level 1 Park Hotel Clarke Quay, Singapore 237983
Porta Nearest MRT DT20 Fort Canning MRT
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Porta Phone +65 6593 8855
Porta Opening Hours Daily : 11:00am - 10:30pm
Porta Food Price S$15 - S$35 per pax

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  • Butter Brioche bun is grilled on the plancha

  • Meat of cut was shoulder blade done medium well

  • Liked how the fats was congregated at the edges encapsulating the moistness within and easily removable if we are skipping the fatty part

  • One of the very best confit I have had yet

  • The chicken was perfectly cooked

  • The restaurant has collaborated with Green Monday to launch an ala carte plant based menu that focuses on raising awareness and promoting a sustainable

  • Featuring a lineup of 10 dishes that caters to diners with dietary preferences from vegetarian

  • These dishes are created with plant based meat or dairy alternatives

  • The next two dishes were hearty and comforting and they come in the form of the Orecchiette Pasta ($24) and the Beyond Burger ($29)

  • With a spread of a house made ketchup and topped with caramelized onions

  • Biting into the Beyond sausages and patty will make you wonder if you are actually eating the real meat as the texture is almost the real McCoy

  • Starting off with an appetizer such as the Parma Ham ($16) will help open your tastebuds as this dish tingles with your three tastes’ categories in sweet

  • The dish comprises of a mesclun salad with watermelon cubes that have been compressed with lime juice and lime zest and Parma ham

  • With the latter slightly edging out for me though the former is very good as well

  • Is pan seared skin down to get a crispy exterior before finishing it in the oven and served with a baby spinach puree and edible flowers

  • What probably is the ingenious touch is adding lots of sliced garlic and a chilli padi into the cooking to spice things up a little while sakura ebi completes the finishing garnish

  • Porta ranks amongst my favourite restaurants it serves up delicious food of superb quality and with interesting twists

  • The vegetables were well roasted but what really amazed me was the taro purée it’s my first time seeing yam paired with meat

  • The texture was also enhanced by a good amount of fat

  • The glaze added another dimension with its vibrant sweetness which cut through the heaviness

  • Perhaps what I loved more was the mash potato was creamy beyond comparison

  • The octopus was tender and the lamb (pictured above) was flavourful

  • We had the barramundi and pork mains and both are recommended

  • The barramundi was delicious and fresh

  • The service here was really great as well

  • The festive set dinner is inspired from winter favourites

  • Service and food are both amazing

  • The one for one deal is such a steal for such fine food

  • The blackforest cake is a must order

  • We were particularly impressed with the appetisers (the octupus and the salmon)

  • The rib eye steak was great and nicely cooked

  • The desserts were too overwhelming in our opinion (tiramisu went a tad too hard on the coffee

  • Key lime meringue was a bit too sour)

  • The octopus was perfectly cooked Chewy yet tender

  • This was my mum's favourite dish of the day and she even commented that it was the best cooked octopus she had ever eaten

  • The baby potatoes (patatas bravas) that comes along was also very delicious

  • The exterior was crispy while the interior was creamy like mash potato

  • The guacamole was very well seasoned and complemented well with the corn chips

  • Had better and more well marinated pork chop elsewhere before but i must say that i am glad that the meat is tender and had good fat to meat ratio

  • Pan seared salmon with pumpkin sauce

  • I was impressed by the pumpkin sauce and felt that it really complemented well with the salmon

  • The chocolate lava cake was on the sweeter side despite being dark chocolate

  • Ordered this dessert again because i really love their choco/coffee cake (perfect level of sweetness) as it was aromatic and had subtle gao bitter undertone

  • Really complemented well with the icecream and coffee jelly

  • Plus the food was really above average

  • 4/5 (Hits and misses but the standard is really above average)

  • Tried the 3 course set and really loved the appetiser we chose plus the desserts are realllly good

  • Spanish octopus is an absolute must try it was so tender

  • The pork was cooked to a medium well and was sufficiently fatty and juicy

  • The accompanying mash was tasty too with the mixed in mustard giving it a slight heat

  • A deconstructed taste tartin of sorts topped with what tasted like whisky glazed bacon and the whole savory sweet combination worked really well

  • The pastry was exceptionally flaky and buttery but I felt the spiced apples were slightly overpowering

  • The linguine was supposedly one of the recommended dishes here but the entire dish was way too salty

  • The chorizo is already salty on this own and it didn’t help that it was served in huge chunks and unevenly distributed throughout the pasta

  • The prawns were fresh and they were generous with the serving size

  • Every dish was surprisingly good

  • The spicy salmon tartare was refreshing and tasty

  • The tender Iberian pork shoulder is drizzled in a sweet and tangy sauce and served with creamy mash and cherry tomatoes

  • We ended dinner with a moderately sweet treat of Spiced Apple Tarte Tatin and a deconstructed Tiramisu

  • This is my first time to Porta and I’m pretty impressed with their food and service

  • The octopus was surprisingly very tender and flavourful (tho we find it a little too salty)

  • 2) Grilled summer vegetables with hummus (a little too salty)

  • 2) Barramundi with Ratatouille and mussels

  • The barramundi was of premium quality and i really love the firm flakes

  • It really complemented well with the slight tangy ratatoulie sauce

  • This deconstructed was the better out of the two

  • Chose this as the staff told me it was the least sweet option

  • It was light and the slight sour accent of the lime was very appetizing

  • Not mind blowingly fantastic but was above average

  • The service was the main highlight

  • The staff were very attentive and the service they provide was really the best we had (even more pricey or atas restaurants didnt had such good service)

  • The chocolate lava cake was flowy and warm in the middle which made it a joy to eat with the chocolate shavings

  • 2nd time at Porta and always satisfied with their food

  • The coffee ice cream went well with the brownies and caramel and sponge fingers

  • The duck leg is first brined with salt

  • While half expecting a sauce rich with duck fats and flavours

  • The pieces of shredded meat were rather dry and bland

  • The tomato based sauce was enjoyable though

  • You may love or hate this as the salad sauce is very rich and extremely nutty

  • What is so unique and alluring about this lava cake is the huge dollop of whipped coconut cream lying atop the cake

  • The decadent sweetness of the cream is wonderfully jutaxposed with the bitterness of the dark chocolate

  • All dishes were great and nice ambience

  • The octopus was flavourful

  • I had the spicy chorizo pasta with prawns a tinge of spicyness

  • The Spanish Octopus is so delicious and so chewy

  • Braised Beef Short Rib is well cooked

  • Set lunch came with choice of appetiser

  • This set lunch was extremely satisfying

  • Octopus was very nice with the sambal sauce and the charred prawns were also well done

  • Though I think there was a tad too much cocktail sauce drizzled over the salad and prawns

  • Generous serving of iberico pork which was very tender

  • Not much to shout about it was a very safe dessert

  • Caesar salad was light but good

  • Salmon was great but chicken roulade was undercooked

  • They did recook it again but it was drier the second time

  • The dessert was simple but rich

  • This is a deconstructed Tiramisu with more components added in a fudgy cookie ish brownie sets the base for a scoop of strong coffee ice cream

  • Finally crowned with Kahlua spiked mascarpone cream generously sprinkled with crumble

  • The ambiance of the restaurant was also pleasant

  • Service from the staff was middling even though the restaurant was not even half full

  • The service was fair although the waitresses seemed a bit preoccupied regardless of the restaurant being nearly empty

  • The red wine was served cold

  • Octopus and burger were delicious and would recommend them highly

  • Location is easy to find as it is at park hotel

  • The dessert (vhalrona chocolate) was really nice and worth it

  • Definitely value for money with the quality provided

  • Good place for a date if you are willing to spend

  • Nice food but it was nearly empty on a sat for brunch

  • The ketchup is quite something & if you want more it will cost you

  • Personal preference wish the fries were skinny ones

  • PORTA new brunch menu is now available daily from 8.00am to 4.00pm

  • Porta Burger (S$23.00++) with thick cut fries

  • Not Your Usual Tiramisu ($12.00++) The deconstructed Tiramisu made with mascarpone cream

  • Dishing out French classic Croque Madame ($14) or a taste of Spain with the huge Shakshouka ($14) pan

  • You might wish to try their Norwegian Salmon ($22) served with root vegetables purée and sauce vierge

  • Huge angus beef patty with caramelised onion

  • Think of an appetising angel hair pasta tossed with lobster vinaigrette

  • Sesame and topped with a whole load of crab meat and salmon roe served chilled

Questions & Answers About Porta

    1. Take Downtown Line MRT
    2. Alight at DT20 Fort Canning MRT
    3. Exit towards Exit A - Liang Court
    4. Walk about 211 meters from Exit A - Liang Court to Porta, walking time is around 4 mins.
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  • The nearest bus stop to Porta are
    • Shell Hse (bus stop no 04321) is 78 meters away around 2 mins walk, bus service no 64, 123, 143 will stop in this bus stop.
    • Opp Shell Hse (bus stop no 04329) is 95 meters away around 2 mins walk, bus service no 64, 123, 143 will stop in this bus stop.
    • Aft Unity St (bus stop no 13211) is 170 meters away around 3 mins walk, bus service no 1N, 2N, 3N, 4N, 5N, 6N, NR3 will stop in this bus stop.
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