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Sunday Folks is an independent dessert café based in Singapore and nestled in a quiet corner of the neighbourhood. Its name takes inspiration that one could enjoy a moment of laid-back Sunday vibe - to savour a tête-à-tête over handcrafted desserts such as fresh churned ice creams, Belgian waffles, cakes, and a curated range of beverages such as artisan teas, specialty coffees and craft beers. From the selection of premium ingredients to the making of homemade toppings, we take pride in concocting our own original recipes and paying homage to the freshness and tastefulness of our desserts. Note: Last order at 930pm (subject to crowd volume at point of order)

Sunday Folks Location

Sunday Folks Maps
Sunday Folks Address 44 Jalan Merah Saga #01-52 Chip Bee Gardens, Singapore 278116
Sunday Folks Nearest MRT CC21 Holland Village MRT
Sunday Folks Website Website
Sunday Folks Phone +65 6479 9166
Sunday Folks Opening Hours Monday : Closed
Tuesday - Thursday : 01:00pm - 10:00pm
Friday & Saturday : 12:00pm - 11:00pm
Sunday : 12:00pm - 10:00pm
Sunday Folks Food Price S$10 - S$20 per pax

Sunday Folks Menu Recomendation

Waffle with Soft Serve By Sunday Folks

Waffle with Soft Serve

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What people say about Sunday Folks

82 reviews
  • The pieces of lemon lavender cake and almond thins in there were a lovely addition

  • The coffee was considered gao considering it’s a cold brew

  • The soft serves are still pretty good

  • The mochi toopjng is still delicious though

  • The ice cream tastes as good as it looks and is worth every second of the long wait you typically have to endure to enter this popular cafe

  • The soft serve is creamy and smooth

  • Chewy and goes really well with the soft serve

  • The sea salt gula melaka taste was quite strong and goes really nicely with the caramel sauce

  • 1 soft serve waffle + drink of choice as a set cost about ~$17 with ++ which was abit overpriced

  • The hot chocolate was really good though

  • Sunday Folks and Creamier is under the same company🍦

  • SF serve softserve while creamier is like gelato🍨

  • The roasted pistachio ice cream is not too overpowering at all

  • The waffle is soft and not so cripsy on the outside so don’t expect those big

  • Tbh I’m a little sad they only gave us 1 waffle for $11.50/$13.50 if you wanna DIY your own but maybe the ice cream here is bigger and they gave toppings

  • I personally think creamier is way more affordable with the same quality/satisfaction

  • Will definitely come back if I’m around Holland V la although the price is kinda steep haha 💸

  • The most important thing is the taste because if your food is good

  • I had the earl grey which was delicate but tasty

  • The pistachio ice cream was still as good

  • The ice cream is really sooo creamy and delicious

  • Sunday folks is still one of the beSTTTT

  • The texture was just nice not too watery

  • The waffle was freshly baked and the chewy chocolate mochi bits on the side was a nice touch to compliment the sweet treat

  • The downside is that the ice cream melts pretty fast and the sauce they put with the waffle is a little too sweet sobs

  • Would say that this portion of single waffle is good for sharing (between 2 pax)

  • The ice cream is really the star of the show

  • I’m glad that it’s v2.0 is less than a 10min drive away

  • What I love the best is the waffle

  • The waffle is not sickening so you can eat 2 without feeling sick of it

  • I forgot the ice cream was ferrero or dark choco

  • The waffle is still great and there's the roasted marshmallow for the toppings as well so it's good

  • I ordered the roasted pistachio flavour and the pistachio taste was really rich but it does not feel too overpowering and the waffle was nicely crisp on the outside

  • My secret indulgent food is dessert and Sunday Folks is my favourite go to dessert place so far

  • The texture of their soft served ice cream is light and smooth

  • I’d prefer having my ice cream served with their crispy waffles because they both blend really well together

  • They offer very limited flavours but Earl Grey Lavender and Sea Salt Gula Melaka are my top picks

  • I really love how their plating is always very delicate and clean

  • Ice cream tasted fresh and both flavours were towards the milky side

  • Water and cutlery is still self service

  • The waffles are still not bad

  • We got the sea salt and malt flavours (do note that you can't customize ur ice cream with BB) and they were both delicious

  • We had ‘Malted Cereal Milk’ ice cream with Double Waffles

  • Having the right amount of flavour mixed with the right amount of texture that blends well with their crispy yet fluffy waffles

  • Sunday folks always has the best ice cream waffles

  • Sunday folks is a nice place to enjoy a tea break or a cup of coffee

  • I personally feel that there are quite limited ice cream choices to go with the waffles

  • Occasionally they come up with some seasonal flavours such as the strawberry

  • The dark chocolate cognac cake was very rich and the taste of the cognac was distinct

  • It was served warm and was actually very moist

  • The combination of lemon and lavender complimented each other and the cake went very well with a cup of tea

  • Both cakes were not too sweet and the portions were just nice

  • Can't ever go wrong with Earl Grey Lavender ice cream

  • Lemon Lavender Cake was served warm with the prominent fragrance of lavender

  • Not too sweet and really goes well with the unsweetened iced white

  • The iced cocoa was really smooth

  • Sunday Folks’ philosophy to “help make everyday feel like a Sunday” is definitely apparent in its relaxed and cozy abode alongside comforting sweet treats

  • Their Roasted Pistachio ice cream ($8.60) comes dusted with toppings including roasted pistachio nuts with apricot and topped with a delightful almond biscotti

  • Their Dark Chocolate Ferroro ice cream ($8.60) came with even more luxurious toppings including roasted hazelnuts

  • Always in love with their Earl Grey Lavender w/ a slice of home made Waffle

  • Sea Salt Gula Melaka soft serve from Sunday Folks on one of the sunday evening when we were chilling and enjoying the softserve

  • The ambiance is not cozy at all

  • Prepare to wait to be seated as Sunday Folks is pretty popular and the queue is for the patient

  • The soft serve here is consistently good and the toppings are so unique

  • The white rabbit flavour was pretty close to the actual white rabbit sweets

  • I did feel that it was a little more light and bland

  • The only thing worth coming to Sunday Folks for is the ice cream

  • The drinks are all mediocre and over priced

  • The marshmallows and mochi are so soft and tasty

  • This was listed as shanghai rabbit on the menu and was q confused haha but asked the server and he clarified it was just the white rabbit sweet flavour

  • Sunday Folks also serve their ice cream in a cup with delicious toppings that were probably specifically chosen to match the flavours of the ice cream

  • With the Chardonnay jelly on the top cutting the tartness with a light whiff of alcoholic touch

  • Not a big fan of the Lavender petals that is included in the Chardonnay layer for how it seemed to have interfered with the jelly texturally

  • Providing a flavour that is somewhat neutral to the peach jelly

  • Save for an extra large chunk of ice that was at the bottom of the entire drink

  • The Slushie is largely thick and smooth — churned using Sunday Folks' very own Earl Grey soft serve with chocolate infused

  • The combination of both flavours was so intriguing I actually finished the Slushie in no time

  • Had pistachio ice cream with single waffle ($10.7)

  • First they served me pistachio ice cream with cone and i had to show them my receipt that i ordered a waffle instead

  • Though the pistachio soft serve is in a melting stage when it was served

  • The table reservation system however was in a mess lots of empty tables but the waiters never asked the customers who are waiting to go in so it takes a long while for them to wait

  • Ordered the dark chocolate ferrero and sea salt gula melaka is served on a separate cup

Questions & Answers About Sunday Folks

    1. Take Circle Line MRT
    2. Alight at CC21 Holland Village MRT
    3. Exit towards Exit A - Taman Warna, Chip Bee Gardens
    4. Walk about 90 meters from Exit A - Taman Warna, Chip Bee Gardens to Sunday Folks, walking time is around 2 mins.
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  • The nearest bus stop to Sunday Folks are
    • Holland V Stn Exit A (bus stop no 11419) is 114 meters away around 2 mins walk, bus service no 48, 61, 106, 970, NR8 will stop in this bus stop.
    • Holland Village (bus stop no 11261) is 271 meters away around 5 mins walk, bus service no 7, 61, 75, 77, 95, 165, 970, 5N will stop in this bus stop.
    • Opp Holland Village (bus stop no 11269) is 271 meters away around 5 mins walk, bus service no 7, 61, 75, 77, 165, 970 will stop in this bus stop.
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