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Sushiro (Tiong Bahru Plaza) Address 302 Tiong Bahru Road #02-118 Tiong Bahru Plaza, Singapore 168732
Sushiro (Tiong Bahru Plaza) Nearest MRT EW17 Tiong Bahru MRT
Sushiro (Tiong Bahru Plaza) Website Facebook
Sushiro (Tiong Bahru Plaza) Phone +65 6970 2293
Sushiro (Tiong Bahru Plaza) Opening Hours Daily : 11:30am - 09:00pm
Sushiro (Tiong Bahru Plaza) Food Price S$10 - S$30 per pax

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50 reviews
  • We also tried the Salmon with Basil Cheese ($2.20) and it was a good pairing worth to get

  • The combination is also rarely seen in local kaiten sushi restaurants

  • The idea of tempura on top sushi rice is a bit stretch for me

  • Started up my excitement with plates after plates of fresh sushi plate as the plate are automatically removed after travelling 350 metres on the lane

  • A less than sgd5 decent cut of rich and melt in your mouth otoro is definitely a steal

  • One of my favourite dishes at Sushiro was their special cold chawanmushi

  • Finally gave Sushiro at Tiong Bahru Plaza a try since they're having a promotional event now with a food hunt pack where you can get $20 worth of coupons for F&B places for just $15

  • I liked how they had both a conveyor belt with lots of sushi options on it and also a train that delivers the sushi when you deliver from an iPad

  • The quality of the sushi was pretty impressive considering the price

  • The scallop sushi (massive scallops that were super thick)

  • The big red shrimp sushi (huge raw butterflied prawn that was so sweet and creamy)

  • Was quite interesting because it tasted like pesto and was quite fragrant

  • They also have a loyalty card so you can get free stuff with every third visit

  • It’s a huge raw butterflied prawn that was so sweet and creamy

  • It’s so fresh and sweet that when you pull off the tail of the prawn with your mouth you can taste how tasty it is already

  • They also have a version of this with salad on top

  • The best thing is that it’s a red plate so it’s the cheapest one

  • Tiong Bahru Plaza is having a food hunt from now till 6 October where you can spend $15 for $20 worth of coupons

  • Amperkz members get a free collapsible cup with 2 food hunt packs purchased too

  • Among which I would say this tomato basil oil prawn sushi was my favourite

  • The premium salmon belly was one of my favourites with the salmon belly slice being fresh and yummy as a result

  • This soy fatty tuna was my favourite

  • The scallop with lemon and basil was flavourful and the lemon was appetising as well

  • The hojicha pudding is from hattendo

  • A few of their desserts are from hattendo too

  • The hojicha flavour was rich and it was really smooth in texture

  • I felt the prawns were a bit small compared to the tempura prawns that I usually have

  • The winner was the chicken karage

  • There’s a few sizes but for best fish to rice ratio

  • This one ($12.80) is your best bet

  • The amount of mentaiko sauce is just nice for the salmon and overall

  • Would have appreciated if there were abit more roe in the mentaiko sauce for the crunch

  • While the flesh within is still moist and splendidly succulent

  • You shall surely be rewarded with some eminently delicious fish

  • Even though Sushiro is renowned for their chirashi dons and not their sashimi

  • All the fish on the plate was passably fresh and generously portioned

  • You really can’t go wrong with Sushiro’s simple but satisfying sashimi

  • Sushiro is a place that I seemingly really enjoy going back to — the new menu items added in conjunction with their second anniversary pushes the bar even more

  • So much so I actually ended up finding a new item that is probably going to be the go to item when I am here

  • The same marinated seafood cubes that are not too savoury nor too sweet

  • While coming with fresh slices of salmon and that fiery spicy minced salmon that really gives a kick which is pretty lethal with the nose pinching

  • Sushiro’s setting is small and confined and there were really little seats (which explains the queue) but I absolutely loved the environment and bustling atmosphere

  • I ate a piece of seafood with a scoop of rice and all the way up till the end

  • Beef bowls are commonly found in the streets of Japan

  • Just as McDonald’s restaurants are in Singapore

  • The Tokyo Gyuniku Don (S$12.80) is marked as Sushiro’s signature comfort food

  • I like this one for the simple reason that the rice and beef were in a reasonable proportion

  • That the beef were so thinly sliced that little effort is required to really chew the meat

  • I wonder what new menu they will feed us with in the near future

Questions & Answers About Sushiro (Tiong Bahru Plaza)

    1. Take East West Line MRT
    2. Alight at EW17 Tiong Bahru MRT
    3. Exit towards Exit B - Tiong Bahru Plaza, Central Plaza
    4. Walk about 58 meters from Exit B - Tiong Bahru Plaza, Central Plaza to Sushiro (Tiong Bahru Plaza), walking time is around 1 mins.
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  • The nearest bus stop to Sushiro (Tiong Bahru Plaza) are
    • Tiong Bahru Plaza (bus stop no 10169) is 65 meters away around 2 mins walk, bus service no 5, 16, 33, 33A, 63, 121, 122, 123, 123M, 195, 851 will stop in this bus stop.
    • Opp Tiong Bahru Plaza (bus stop no 10161) is 80 meters away around 2 mins walk, bus service no 5, 16, 33, 63, 121, 122, 123, 123M, 195, 851, NR5 will stop in this bus stop.
    • Ctrl Green Condo (bus stop no 10151) is 175 meters away around 3 mins walk, bus service no 5, 16, 33, 63, 121, 122, 123, 123M, 195, 851, NR5 will stop in this bus stop.
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