The Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar

World-renowned Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s legendary involvement in every aspect of his restaurants – concept, menu, architectural design, staff selection and training – shows through in The Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar, his most recent establishment here at COMO Dempsey. Signature elements like an open kitchen elevates the cooking process into a performing art, while communal dining makes the experience more familial and relaxed.

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The Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar Address 17D Dempsey Road COMO Dempsey, Singapore 249676
The Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar Nearest MRT CC20 Farrer Road MRT
The Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar Website Facebook
The Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar Phone +65 1800 304 5588
The Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar Opening Hours Monday - Thursday : 12:00pm - 03:00pm, 06:00pm - 12:00am
Friday : 12:00pm - 03:00pm, 06:00pm - 01:00am
Saturday : 11:30am - 04:00pm, 06:00pm - 01:00am
Sunday : 11:30am - 04:00pm, 06:00pm - 12:00am
The Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar Food Price S$35 - S$60 per pax

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The Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar Video
Gain Brands x Sabatini Gin @ Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar

What people say about The Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar

35 reviews
  • All components were well done and complimented each other wonderfully

  • The chicken was cooked well and not dry

  • The hot sauce accompanying it also presented a pleasant kick with a slight sweetness that went well with the chicken and accentuated the flavour of the corn

  • The tartness of the lychee puree offered the dish a refreshing and sweet note that is much needed with the generous portion of foie gras on this dish

  • Thinking the amount of puree on our plate was a lot more than what we needed since there was also some slices of lychee fruit

  • The crispy toast slice was also a nice touch for adding a different texture to the dish that's filled with smooth richness coming from the other components

  • During the lunch with our friends from Hongkong

  • Executive Sous Chef Bryan was kind enough to send us this special of the day to try

  • This signature egg caviar (S$38) is a luscious

  • It has a mild alcoholic taste and is certainly interesting though I didn’t love it enough to order it again

  • Beautifully cooked octopus (S$27) with a refreshing fennel and herb salad

  • There is the perfect amount of acidity balanced with the savory octopus

  • Sometimes it seems like truffle is ok EVERYTHING right

  • There are times when the truffle essence is light or not really necessary

  • This truffle pizza ($36) is a perfect use of truffles

  • The pungent flavor meets its match with fontina and they create a wonderful creamy consistency

  • Is only one of three reasons why I was so blown away by this dish

  • Its tongue tingling tangy fieriness is the perfect lip smacking lava to ignite each bite of the chicken with

  • I was besotted with every part of this dish

  • Truffle taste was subtle and not too overpowering

  • Juicy fried chicken with a bed of spinach and their power house habanero chilli sauce

  • Bread and cheese is small and the eggs add to the attractiveness of this dish

  • Service staff was also very attentive

  • Was a tad too sour for my liking and doesn’t come with parma ham unlike your usual burrata

  • The truffle pizza is a must try

  • One of the best that i had

  • The truffle pizza here was really quite good

  • I loved the rich truffle flavour that was nicely intertwined with the strong aged cheese taste but note

  • I also felt the pizza was a bit too small (4 slices) and also very very thin

  • It would be better if it were bigger and more befitting of the price point

  • This was a feel good dish with hearty spicy tomato sauce and really good handmade meatballs that were unexpectedly very juicy and fresh

  • My only gripe here is that I wish they gave more liberal amounts of the sauce because we ran out of it towards the end

  • Our cold appetisers were served barely 5 minutes after the order was taken

  • What's interesting is the gravy which is being poured here it's a concoction of spicy herbal coconut broth

  • The cured prawns were fresh and unexpectedly a great match with the banana slices

Questions & Answers About The Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar

    1. Take Circle Line MRT
    2. Alight at CC20 Farrer Road MRT
    3. Exit towards Exit A - Woollerton Park, Gallop Gable
    4. Walk about 1310 meters from Exit A - Woollerton Park, Gallop Gable to The Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar, walking time is around 22 mins.
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  • The nearest bus stop to The Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar are
    • Csc Dempsey Clubhse (bus stop no 11201) is 215 meters away around 4 mins walk, bus service no 7, 75, 77, 105, 106, 123, 174, NR8 will stop in this bus stop.
    • Opp Peirce Rd (bus stop no 11209) is 268 meters away around 5 mins walk, bus service no 7, 75, 77, 105, 106, 123, 174 will stop in this bus stop.
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