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Tom’s Palette homemade ice cream parlour has been serving ice cream since September 2005! A traditional way of making creative and crazy flavour *Closed on last Sunday of the month.

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Tom's Palette Address 100 Beach Road #01-25 Shaw Leisure Gallery, Singapore 189702
Tom's Palette Nearest MRT CC3 Esplanade MRT
Tom's Palette Website Website
Tom's Palette Phone +65 6296 5239
Tom's Palette Opening Hours Monday - Thursday : 12:00pm - 09:30pm
Friday & Saturday : 12:00pm - 10:00pm
Sunday : 01:00pm - 07:00pm
Tom's Palette Food Price S$5 - S$10 per pax

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[3 Square Meals] First Grade Seafood Palace & Tom's Palette

What people say about Tom's Palette

106 reviews
  • I love how they have a wide variety and how creative they are with their flavours

  • I went with my standard order of matcha and hazelnut and was certainly not disappointed

  • The pumpkin ice cream is pumpkin purée spiced with cinnamon

  • Madagascar vanilla and textured with digestive biscuits

  • Hedgehog is horlicks based ice cream with hedgehog biscuits which comprises of scotch fingers

  • Both flavors are specials of the week

  • You can still catch pumpkin spice flavor until 31 Oct as it is a Halloween special

  • My other flavor was a weekly special cucumber

  • Parmesan Cheese Ice Cream was one of my favs

  •  They are currently 3 weeks into their month long celebration and is offering Tie Guan Yin with Coffee Popcorn ice cream from today till tomorrow

  • This collaboration flavour with local Nano Coffee Roastery

  • The tailored ice cream custard is first infused with the Tie Guan Yin for an hour to bring out its fruity and Orchid notes so expect pretty robust flavours

  • We got popcorn coated with white chocolate and hand ground coffee beans in the mix

  • The Catimor Coffee Beans was of a fruity varietal from Pu’er in Yunnan and coupled well with the sweetness of the popcorn as well as chocolate

  • The combination was very well balanced

  • $5 for this size is really worth it too

  • Tom’s palette allows you to choose 2 flavours for their single cup flavour and best part is that there is no distinguishing between premier and standard flavours

  • The cup is pretty small but that helps with your portion control so why not

  • The Parmesan cheese and crackers is made of 14 month parmigiano reggiano ice cream with white chocolate coated cream crackers

  • I love this because I love cheese and felt that the cheese flavours were strong enough but not too dense for me to finish a cup

  • I’m not a fan of durian but don’t mind eating it and I thought this was really good

  • It was like eating frozen durian and so much work was put into this too

  • The pipagao ice cream was quite different from expected

  • They use three legs pipagao which is a more herbal and less sweet version from the nin jiom brand

  • I thought it was pretty refreshing and different from usual ice cream flavours

  • A special collaboration flavour with Gong Cha vanilla made with Madagascar vanilla beans

  • The scoop was fragrant with a good amount of sweetness

  • Was fun to have with the chewy bits of konnyaku too

  • This anniversary flavour is available on 13th and 14th September

  • This anniversary flavour is available on 20th and 21st September

  • $5 for a 4oz cup is still affordable and they have 10% discount for students anyway

  • None of my favourite flavours or waffles today so I was forced to try something new but I’m glad for that

  • I loved how generous they were with the large macadamia chunks

  • The coffee and tea flavours are balanced nicely with one another

  • Overall this was a little milder in flavour than the Mocha Macnut

  • The savouriness of the Parmesan Cheese messes with your mind on how an ice cream should taste

  • My friend urged me to take a bite with the cracker and omg that was amazing

  • Take another bite (hopefully with the cream cracker) and you might find yourself loving this flavour too

  • Would pay normal price ($5) for their double scoop cause the price is so competitive already

  • Interesting flavours at a competitive price with 1 for 1 available

  • My favourites were the chocolate stout and chai

  • The chocolate stout flavour tastes so alike to Royce’s alcoholic nama chocolates the chocolate flavour is so rich and there’s a tinge of the stout which adds a bit of bitterness

  • The chai flavour is really strong tasting

  • The yuzu flavour was not bad and tasted like a slightly creamy yuzu

  • The mocha macnut was the least remarkable for me

  • The texture of the ice cream was also great not icy and not overly creamy too

  • The location is quite convenient as it’s located in Shaw Towers

  • My Friend had the chocolate sorbet which is not to too jelak very refreshing I would say

  • NEW flavours spotted at one of my all time favourite ice cream parlour which never fails to disappoint and always coming up with unique & interesting flavours for my adventurous palate

  • I was initially skeptical about having the vegetal earthy bowl of soup in a semi solid frozen form but one bite was all it take to change my perception instantly

  • Smoky flavour along with a lingering subtle earthy and vegetal bitter undertone was a delight to my palate

  • Another flavour which I had chosen is the Tieguanyin milk tea

  • Love how the tea flavour is distinct here

  • If you are one who prefers having milk tea which is less milky (like me

  • This flavour is the definitely one for you

  • Heard that there is Pipagao flavour on Wednesday which I am certainly keen to try after a positive experience with Wobbee’s pipagao milk tea

  • The chocolate stout is definitely heavy on the stout flavours

  • Rum and raisin is so good as well

  • As the raisins are plump and the fragrance of the rum lingers

  • Is perfect with the Thai milk tea

  • The pandan coconut is awesome too

  • Light & refreshing coconut milk base with fragrant notes of pandan

  • Heard from the grapevine that some savory flavors are making a comeback next week

  • Milky chocolate with a mix of lingering sweet mint

  • It would even be better with dark chocolate

  • Dark chocolate lovers are bound to fall in love with this flavour

  • The other 2 flavours we chose were the peanut butter cookie

  • Shared this deal with my friend and each of us only had to pay $2.50

  • Even better when there are interesting ice cream flavours for you to choose from

  • The salted egg ice cream is always a must try and must order for me

  • Glad to say I have found my 2nd favourite flavour (white chocolate nori) which was like seaweed ice cream with white chocolate bits

  • The other flavour will be the chocolate pudding which is made of the same gourmet chocolate

  • We originally wanted the waffles and double scoop deal but we arrived just when they opened at 1pm on Sunday and were informed that the waffles weren’t ready yet

  • The lei cha was surprisingly very good

  • The dark chocolate sorbet was amazing from start to end

  • I think my absolute fav was the white chocolate miso nori which comes with chunks of white chocolate glazed almonds and has a sweet yet complementary savoury taste

  • Whoever came up with this flavour is a mad genius

  • I really can’t remember the name of the last flavour but it’s named after a wafer chocolate bar and it’s a chocolate based ice cream with chunks of the chocolate bar inside

  • It wasn’t overly sweet and these four flavours were a great combination overall

  • At $5 for a 4oz cup with two choices of flavours

  • Tom’s Palette is already very affordable

  • I’ll definitely be back for more awesome ice cream with or without the deal

  • Brown butter and beer reduction ice cream base with saltine cracker candy

  • I have rum & raisin and apple pie ice cream to go with the waffles

  • Made a trip down specially after seeing their cool local favors online but half the experience was spoilt by their grumpy waitstaff whom acted as if giving out a sample would kill her

  • Made with glutinous rice ice cream base that was mixed with roasted sesame seeds and Kwong Woh Hing Sauce Factory’s chee cheong fun sauce

  • The former was refreshing while the classic combination of banana and chocolate was done well without being too sweet

  • The chocolate stout was decent and the chocolate sorbet was really solid

  • The Yuzu ice cream is really refreshing as the citrus tangy sourness will definitely surprise you

  • The very interesting CNY special Kueh Bangkit ice cream is surprisingly good

  • The best part is that because its in ice cream form

  • Tom's palatte is the closest to it

  • Their creation was creamy yet extremely smooth

  • This is easily one of the best ice creams I've had so far

  • Recently I always missed the Blueberry Cheesecake so I paired the Parmesan Cheese and Crackers with something else

  • Their Choc Sorbet is amazingly rich and dark chocolaty

  • If you have missed out on the previous Chee Cheong Fun ice cream that’s launched exclusively in conjunction with National Day

  • The Chee cheong fun ice cream is a uniquely amazing creation that suited well for my palate

  • Pairing it with one of their popular flavours chocolate sorbet

  • The French waffles are freshly prepared upon order

  • The texture was spot on but I would have personally preferred for the batter to be stronger on its buttery fragrance

  • Chee Cheong Fun flavour is only available this weekend

  • Part II of Mala spree night which was totally unplanned for the new flavour of Mala Chocolate

  • Velvety dark chocolate packed with a punch of intense mala flavour

  • The White Christmas was the perfect complement as the mint custard with candy cane added a refreshing tone to the spiciness

  • Other wise liking the cookie crumbs and syrup along with the waffle and ice creams

Questions & Answers About Tom's Palette

    1. Take Circle Line MRT
    2. Alight at CC3 Esplanade MRT
    3. Exit towards Exit A - Suntec City/Convention Centre
    4. Walk about 323 meters from Exit A - Suntec City/Convention Centre to Tom's Palette, walking time is around 6 mins.
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  • The nearest bus stop to Tom's Palette are
    • Opp Suntec City (bus stop no 80151) is 61 meters away around 2 mins walk, bus service no 10, 10e, 14, 14e, 16, 70, 70M, 196, 196e will stop in this bus stop.
    • Shaw Twrs (bus stop no 01629) is 92 meters away around 2 mins walk, bus service no 57, 100, 107, 107M, 961, 961C will stop in this bus stop.
    • Suntec City (bus stop no 80159) is 98 meters away around 2 mins walk, bus service no 10, 10e, 14, 14e, 16, 70, 70M, 196 will stop in this bus stop.
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